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What Can Players Learn From Casino Movie Scenes?

 Casino play forms a common theme among certain movies. There are those classic poker showdowns in old style westerns which usually culminate in a shoot out between rival gangs.

James Bond also likes a hand of poker, although it’s a little known fact that baccarat was his initial preference. Casino scenes in movies provide additional entertainment, or they may be an essential part of the plot. However, could players in the real world learn something from the on-screen action?

When Fiction Becomes Fact

Films such as Oceans Eleven are set almost exclusively in a casino. We see many shots of the floor where customers are engaging in roulette, blackjack, poker or the slot machines.

Each of these games, including online casino slots, can be played at digital operators such as Bally’s Casino UK. In order for anyone to argue that players could learn from those movie scenes, we have to show that the action in the films is true to life. Here are some ways in which players could genuinely learn from fictional characters.

Poker Face

When Daniel Craig made his debut as James Bond in Casino Royale, much of the plot revolved around a high stakes game of poker. In this battle, Bond faces his enemy Le Chiffre across the table.

Even those who have never played a game of cards in their life will understand the need to maintain a ‘poker face.’ An impassive expression, whether you’ve been dealt a stunning hand or a dud. In Casino Royale, when he’s under pressure, a trickle of blood appears in Le Chiffre’s eye.

While this is a genuine medical condition, it’s also a rare one, but it does underline one of the basics of poker play. Maintain that impassive look at all times, and don’t offer any clues to your opponents.

The Question of Probability

Probability plays a part in all casino games. The turn of a card or the spin of a roulette wheel is a random event, but there’s always a higher chance of a certain outcome landing. That chance is underlined by the odds that are applied to each game.

This question of probability was highlighted in the 2008 film release known simply as 21. In this film, students from MIT develop a system to take on the casinos. Such a system is contentious, but the laws of probability can be used to players’ advantage.

For example, in blackjack, all picture cards, along with the 10 itself, count as ten points. This equates to almost half of the cards in a standard pack. So, if you have a score of 17, and are questioning whether to hit or stand, be aware of the increased chances of a high card landing.

Managing Bankrolls

The classic casino movie scene involves the hero losing everything at the tables before winning it all back in dramatic fashion. It’s not good to assume that this will happen to you when you play online casino slots or any other type of game.

The first lesson to learn from this type of scene involves bankroll management. The bankroll is simply another term for your account balance, so it’s the amount of money that you have to play with in any one session.

Unlike the Hollywood movie stars, we should not blow all of that balance in one playing session. Chasing losses is a terrible move and one that should be avoided.

While there are some differences of opinion, most experienced casino players suggest that you should play with no more than 10% of your bankroll in any one session. If you win, that’s great, but if you lose that 10%, just walk away. You’re not working to a Hollywood script, and the chances of recouping your losses with a big win are low.

Practice Can Make Perfect

We can also learn another lesson from this type of scene. When a fictional film character loses, they go away and practice their technique. The subsequent big win has been earned through hard work and dedication to their gameplay.

Regular casino players can take this on board. In games such as poker or blackjack that require a clear element of strategy, techniques can be perfected over time. Remember that card games come with free trial versions, so players can continue to practice before playing with real stakes of their own.

While it may seem like a stretch, it is possible to acquire some gaming knowledge from casino movie scenes. Whether it’s a specific scene, such as the one in Casino Royale, or a general clue from a film, there are some lessons to be learned.

Of course, nothing can replace the experience of playing at the tables, but there may well be some important tips to take on board, the next time you log on to your online casino.

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