What Could A Flashpoint Movie Have In Store For Audiences?

On the heels of perhaps the year’s hottest movie, Wonder Woman, the DCEU keeps speeding along. With Aquaman, Suicide Squad 2, Wonder Woman 2, and The Batman, there is certainly no shortage of upcoming films for fans of DC’s superheroes. Now rumors are swirling that the Flash’s solo movie, in “development hell” for at least the last year, may finally have a direction and be arriving in 2020. Titled Flashpoint, the movie may just be the DCEU’s version of Captain America: Civil War — a crossover movie with a central character (obviously the Flash here) and tons of cameos of our favorite characters battling it out throughout. Don’t know what Flashpoint is? Keep reading for what we might be seeing in a few years!

The Premise

First off, in the comics, Flashpoint was a HUGE comic event, spanning more than 60 individual issues. It even resulted in the much-maligned New 52 reboot of the DC Universe (thankfully reversed now). We can’t expect that the Flashpoint movie would reboot the DCEU, but hey, if certain elements are struggling by 2020, this might be the opportunity to take corrective action.

Anyway, Flash wakes up in an alternate timeline at the start of Flashpoint. Most of the Justice League makes an appearance, there is hero-on-hero fighting, and people die. Flash, for his part, starts with no powers and has to get them back while battling arch-nemesis Reverse Flash. (Yeah, that’s his name. I know, I know.) By the end, Flash saves the day. Standard comic book stuff. As far as a movie, though, the alternate timeline allows us to see heroes battling with real stakes (at least in their timeline) and we can even see numerous heroes die because DC can always bring them back in sequels! Some of the most exciting things about this movie may very well be seeing alternate versions of DC’s heroes doing things that most fans would balk at if they were “canon.”

Wonder Woman

Hot on the heels of some exciting rumors, it seems fans may get to see Wonder Woman in the Flashpoint movie. This is essential to the plot of the Flashpoint comics because, in the Flashpoint timeline, Wonder Woman leads an army of Amazons in a World War of sorts. Pretty much everyone geeked out at Wonder Woman making her way through World War I’s battlefields. How much cooler will it be to see her leading a team of her own people in superpowered combat? Begin geeking out now. As for her opponent in the war, well, that gives us a chance to see…


Based off what’s seemingly only 87 seconds of footage in a cameo and trailers, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is going to be popular. It’s a good thing, then that Aquaman is Wonder Woman’s main opponent in Flashpoint. Leading his own army of Atlanteans, Aquaman destroys most of Europe in the comics and his army clashes with the Amazonians repeatedly up to the comic event’s climax. It was great watching Iron Man and Captain America lead a handful of heroes against each other, so we can imagine that seeing these two go at it could be equally as interesting. Aquaman versus Wonder Woman in an epic battle royale? Yes, please.


If I had to guess, what with all the rumors and chit chat, it may be hard to get Ben Affleck to keep showing up as Batman in the future. In Flashpoint, that’s okay. You see, the Flashpoint Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne, but Bruce’s father, Thomas. In the Flashpoint timeline, Bruce is killed in that infamous alleyway, and Thomas takes up the mantle of Batman. (If history is indication, we’ll be owed at least four different flashbacks of the same “Bruce dying in the alley” scene. Because consistency.) Thomas Wayne-as-Batman may get a new actor in the cowl, but why not use Thomas Wayne from Batman v Superman? That actor was none other than the incredible Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian in Watchmen, and some guy named Negan on a little show called The Walking Dead). Jeffrey Dean Morgan has no problem bringing a physicality to his roles and this writer at least thinks he’d be a stellar one-off Batman, and if you have Batman, you must have the…


Fans these days. Heaven forbid you change a character’s skin or hair color for a role. Gender, though? In today’s climate, this would never happen. Except in Flashpoint. When little Bruce is killed in the alleyway, Thomas Wayne becomes Batman. In a crazy twist, Bruce’s mother becomes the Joker. We’re not likely going to see a lot of gender-bent characters in movies (Doctor Strange’s Ancient One, notwithstanding). A really great female Joker would be the bee’s knees and could potentially be an all-time fan-favorite depiction of the character. Perhaps this would even relax fans’ angst over more-subtle changes being made to their favorite characters. (Okay, I’m even laughing at that suggestion.) I’m not sure if actress Lauren Cohan (Maggie in The Walking Dead — yes, another Walking Dead actor) has the chops to do a memorable Joker but she has one heck of a smile. What more do you need?


Perhaps the strangest handling of a character in Flashpoint is that of Superman. In this reality, Superman is captured as a young boy and kept away from the sun. By the time he is rescued in Flashpoint, he’s scrawny, pale and weak. I don’t think fans would want to spend much time with this version of Supes, but by the end of Flashpoint, he returns angry and powerful. As the ultimate deus ex machina, Superman provides quite the punch, particularly a version of him we haven’t seen. For my money, ditch Henry Cavill for this depiction and get super nerd Michael Cera to put on the blue tights (Laughing evilly to myself).

Deathstroke, Cyborg, Green Lantern and others all make memorable appearances in the series, so the number of cameos in the film could easily trump Civil War, and while that movie’s damage was mostly localized to an airport and office building, Flashpoint wrecks entire continents. My hope is that Warner Bros. opens the wallet and dumps a huge amount of money into a film that has to be better than Batman v Superman (sorry, Zack Snyder, but please stay away). The cameos alone, after two Wonder Woman movies, a Justice League film, and a Batman, will get the audiences there.

What are you guys thinking about this movie? Thoughts on the cast or characters? Tell us down below or hit me up on Twitter at @LRM_Brian!

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SOURCE: Forbes

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