– by Nick Doll

Though I look forward to the Fantastic Four and X-Men taking their seat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox, some of what we feared the most about the merger does seem to be coming true, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Though the article covers everything from layoffs to the complete dissolution of the 83-year-old studio (both expected moves), we’ll focus on what insight WSJ has on what will happen to current Fox projects, franchises, and announced projects.

The WSJ concluded that non-family friendly Fox movies may not have a future at Disney, as everything will need to fit the cleaner studio’s brand. This means completely halting films about to go into production that don’t fit the Disney “brand.” Obviously, Avatar and X-Men will simply become Disney properties, but even in these cases, Disney may “scale back production of costly movies that don’t fit its family-friendly, franchise-focused formula,” which one assumes will include darker X-Men films like the horror driven New Mutants or R-Rated ones like X-Force.

Disney does intend to release all of Fox’s films that are “complete or in production at the time of acquisition.” So, New Mutants will be fine, but can we talk about X-Force again? Or EVER seeing another R-Rated version of Wolverine? What about franchises or classic series like Alien and Predator? Die Hard? Is the Dr. Doom film dead as well?

We’ve heard before that Deadpool 3 or X-Force would remain rated R at the House of Mouse, but will they really? This report makes it doubtful.

Finally, Fox’s acquisition of movie projects have basically stopped, already causing the studio to lose bids on films with big leads attached. This all means the studio’s development process is really at a standstill, except for films currently shooting or ready to shoot very soon.

It is certainly not looking good over at Century City, CA. It sounds like Disney’s purchase of Fox did indeed slash the variety of films we’ll see in the future.

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