– by Joseph Jammer Medina


When it comes to Iron Man 3‘s big Mandarin twist, there are a few schools of thought. There are the folks who thought it was a well-done cinematic swerve that fit the story. There are others that are purists to the source material that found it outrageously disrespectful to the character. Then there are people like me, who acknowledge that they did the character a disservice, but who still got a kick out of the way things played out. 

Well, it’s been over a year since that big reveal, and we’ve all had the chance to make peace with it. The fires were recently stoked a bit, with the All Hail The King Marvel One-Shot on the Thor: The Dark World blu ray, and so it was only natural that someone would try to get Guy Pearce’s take on the now-infamous plot twist. IGN did just that, and asked Aldrich Killian himself, what his thoughts are on the uproar.

“Personally, I loved it, and I was never a comic book fan growing up, so I have no attachment to the [Mandarin]. I mean, I get it. The loyalty to those characters, I totally get it, but based on the sort of single-entity movie — and particularly based on Ben Kingsley’s performance — I just adored what that turned into. But I do certainly understand that some diehard fans kind of went, ‘Aww… Come on!’ [Laughs]”

So, there you have it! Pearce laughs at your outrage. Take that, fanboys! But, seriously, his reaction likely mirrors what most mainstream audiences feel/felt. I know we like to wind ourselves up into a tizzy here on message boards and in comments sections, but we’re really a very small, very vocal subset of the audience and- as I’ve said before– film studios know they’re getting our money no matter what, so all of our nerd raging amounts to very little. 

Where do you stand on the twist, now over a year removed from it?

Source: iGN

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