– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Actor Ed Skrein has revealed his Deadpool role, and it should shed some light for fans who our titular hero will be facing off against next year. Skrein took to twitter and reveal that he’ll be playing Ajax. 

The man known only as Francis was the former enforcer at Dr. Killebrew’s laboratory, known as the Workshop, part of the Hospice for failed supersoldiers at the Weapon X Project. Francis acted as the strongarm for Killebrew, reigning in the project’s “washouts” that were fodder for Killebrew’s sadistic experiments whenever they stepped out of line. This included Wade Wilson, who would later be known as the mercenary Deadpool.

Having had his nerves removed by Killebrew for better pain management, he would later have enhanced strength and intuitive capability, as well as receiving subcutaneous implants for super-speed and agility.

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Skrein caused a stir when he was introduced on HBO’s Game of Thrones as Daario Naharis in the show’s third season, only to abandon the project shortly after- prompting a very notable recasting. While different reasons have been cited, the main theory was that he chose to star in the Transporter reboot, and that project took precedence. Regardless, the actor seems to have landed on his feet. A trailer for The Transporter: Refueled premiered two weeks ago, and Deadpool is quickly garnering a ton of positive buzz. 

Looking forward to seeing Skrein and Ryan Reynolds face off?

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