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The wonderfully weird Stephen King has given his thoughts on why the adaptation of his Dark Tower novel wasn’t very well received by critics or fans. The famed author recently spoke with EntertainmentWeekly and discussed how the studio’s decision to make the film PG-13 may have been hurtful:

“But I will say this, okay? The real problem, as far as I’m concerned is, they went in to this movie, and I think this was a studio edict pretty much: this is going to be a PG-13 movie. It’s going to be a tentpole movie. We want to make sure that we get people in there from the ages of, let’s say, 12 right on up to whatever the target age is. Let’s say 12 to 35. That’s what we want. So it has to be PG-13, and when they did that I think that they lost a lot of the toughness of it and it became something where people went to it and said, ‘Well yeah, but it’s really not anything that we haven’t seen before.'”

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This sounds like the all too familiar situation where studio wanted the PG-13 rating to appeal to a wider audience, namely the under 17 crowd and therefore rake in more at the box-office. As King said this caused the story to loose some of the grittiness that the book was known for, and likely doomed the film.

The Dark Tower garnered ratings on RottenTomatoes of 16 percent from critics and 47 percent from fans.

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Source: EntertainmentWeekly

  • Neil Pye

    That, and they forgot to actually tell the story. They made a fan fiction based off of random cliff notes points from 7 different novels. Kind of like making a single “Harry Potter” movie that starts with a dementor attack, takes place mostly in Diagon alley, His main friend is Hermione, No mention of Weasleys, Draco is the main bad guy but he is a full grown adult, there’s a whomping willow attack for no reason, at the end Harry kills Draco who is also Voldemort and who the hell is Voldemort? we don’t know.

    THAT is why the DT movie failed.

  • Behemothrex

    Hey Steven, how about grabbing your nut sack and admitting you sold out. You could have said nope not going to make this movie unless you do it my way, but nope you wanted the money. You gave in to their stupid ass changes and well, you killed the series, which is probably a good thing if this is how it is going to be handled.

    If you want to blame someone blame yourself.

    • M@rvel

      You say he killed the series, well guess what… he also created the series…. so he can do whatever the fuck he wants with it. How about you create a best-selling book series and then you can make a point to not sell out with it lol

      • Behemothrex

        Doesn’t change a thing, he was the gate keeper of how this came to the screen and he didn’t give a fuck. He should stop making excuses and just own up, its his fault.

        • Kathleen Edwards

          So judgmental w/o knowing all the facts….

        • Nattown

          How do you know the terms of his deal?

    • Brafdorf

      He doesn’t have to sell out. He’s rich as fuck.

      I’m sure it’s more of a case that he didn’t know they’d fuck up so bad.


    I didn’t get a chance to check it out yet. Is Dark Tower, the film, a Western or a Sci-Fi/Action Adventure?

    • Brafdorf

      More sci-fi/action

  • Cog

    Rotten movie and King see still hocked it. How much money do you need. King is like a bad politician willing to lie for profit.
    This movie forgot the face of it’s father.