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DC and Warner Bros. have a bad habit of overloading their schedule — and I don’t necessarily mean overloading the slate with too many movies. It’s more that they get overly-ambitious, putting out a whole slate of movies by seemingly pull dates out of a hat (or making a slate by picking out dates that just need covering). The result is a universe of films that is less than optimal, by most standards.

Luckily, for us, the DC Extended Universe seems to be on the mend, some time after announcing Wonder Woman 1984 for November of this year, it was pushed back to the middle of 2020. But what’s the reasoning behind this? In the past, the reasoning has been brushed off as them simply putting the next film out at around the same time as the first one (why break a winning formula, right?).

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Well, now we have a bit of an embellishment on the why from producer Charles Roven, who recently spoke to Collider.

“We always wanted the date that we are on right now. The studio felt that until their slate for the year before came together—and they had an amazing end of 2018—that they needed to have a big what I call aircraft carrier, a “tentpole”, in [2019]. We had a very rushed pre-production because Patty also did the TNT show and we had a very rushed post-production schedule in order to make the date that we were on, which was November 1, 2019. We were doing it because the studio said they really needed it, and then at a certain point they came to us and they said, ‘You know what, you guys are right. Let’s go back to the month that you guys released Wonder Woman 1 in, and take the extra time.’”

Good on you, Warner Bros. The last thing you want to rush out one of your most successful franchises only to accidentally run it into the ground. Do you think it was the right move? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Collider

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