– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Last year wasn’t a great one for director Zack Snyder. After years of anticipation, and two big superheroes at the forefront of his film, Batman v Superman, it was expected that this would be the comic book movie to crack $1 billion for Warner Bros., for the first time since The Dark Knight Rises.

Of course, the film came out, the critics piled on, and while the movie was profitable, it didn’t make nearly as much as the studio originally wanted. So why didn’t they fire Snyder then and there? A new report from TheWrap gives the inside scoop on the goings-on behind the scenes.

In the report, it was stated that many execs actually did go to (then) Warner Bros. head Greg Silverman to suggest that they let him go from Justice League. So why didn’t they let him go?

Well, there are a couple of layers to it. The first is the obvious one, as stated by an insider.

“They were already in deep prep on Justice League and it would have cost a fortune. There’s stickiness to a director because there’s so much cost to unstick him. Warners is a studio that almost to a fault always wants to project strength.”

So Kevin Tsujihara (not Greg Silverman) opted to keep him on for Justice League. Okay, we can see that, but we pretty much already expected that. Since Justice League was starting production only a few weeks after Batman v Superman, it would have been a red flag if they pushed it back. But what about months into production?

Here’s when another factor comes in. In October of 2016, it was announced that Warner Bros. and AT&T were planning to merge, and at that time, “the companies began sizing up each other’s assets and liabilities.”

Again, Warner Bros. saw the moving back of the film as a weakness, and they didn’t want to project weakness (noticing a pattern?).

All in all, it sounds like the main culprit here is Warner Bros.’ desire to appear invulnerable to the public eye, right? But that’s not all. Here’s the real kicker.

According to the outlet’s source Tsujihara and Toby Emmerich “wanted to preserve their bonuses they would be paid before the merger, [and were worried that] if they pushed the movie, then their bonuses would have been pushed to the following year and they might not still be at the studio.”

So there you have it. A good ol’ fashioned mix of the need to project strength, and the desire for more money.

What do you think of these developments? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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  • Israel

    Another day another article from LRM shitting on DC. They seem to have increased since Justice League’s release. We are getting about two or three each day now. The question no longer is whether all this negativity is being paid by Disney, but how much.

    • Weresmurf

      Oh jesus Christ get over yourself. I mean I liked Justice League a lot, but you’re really performing some drastic, Olympic level mental gymnastic right there dude.

      • AmiRami

        Ya know, I liked JL more than most. But its obvious from seeing it that there were too many hands in the pot there. IMO They should have either left it a Snyder flick or had Whedon do a page 1 redo. I mean I know they couldn’t given the time contraints but as the article notes, it was their own fault.

        • Weresmurf

          I dunno. It’s strange, but the more and more I hear about it, the more I want to see Snyders version. While I get people don’t like his work, I’ll give him this, he tells a goddamn grand tale. His BVS bluray edition was pretty coherent and well done, even if it wasn’t great. And how his version of JL sounds??? Especially with Tomar Rei and Kilowog in the credits? With seeing Darkseid in the credits tearing Steppenwolf in half in a rage? I wanted to see that :

          • AmiRami

            “While I get people don’t like his work, I’ll give him this, he tells a goddamn grand tale.”

            ya know, thats the thing for me. If BvS was a movie that wasn’t about “Batman” and “Superman” but 2 similar characters, I would have liked the movie much better. What really drove me nuts is how wrong he interpreted 2 of the most iconic and simple to understand superheroes.

            “Especially with Tomar Rei and Kilowog in the credits? With seeing Darkseid in the credits tearing Steppenwolf in half in a rage? I wanted to see that :”

            Oh don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to see that as well. Whedon should have left that in (if it exists)

          • Weresmurf

            Apparently it was all filmed and mocapped. But never rendered

    • Madcap2112

      Been living in a bubble for three weeks?

    • Victor Roa

      just read the article it’s actually better read

    • Wheez Von Klaw

      The head of Disney has a Martha too…you ok now?

    • M@rvel

      they write about whichever topics are going to get the most clicks dumbass. Good job, you just proved their point. You’re mad that they wrote it, yet you still clicked. Cha-ching!

    • AmiRami

      Oh please. WB is doing a pretty good job of shitting on themselves. The numbers are in for BvS and JL and guess what? THEY AREN’T GOOD! You aren’t shitting on shit if you call it shit.

  • syambo87

    I get that for WB… Strength is everything… but Strength is also the Absence of Weakness… and Firing Zack Snyder would be Getting rid of Weakness… Extending the Deadline to Ensure Importance in Quality Control is a sign of Strength…

    so 2 studio execs because of bonuses kept Zack Snyder and wanted to meet deadline… FINE…

    but which stupid asshole exec was it too greenlight a Script where (SPOILERS)
    1. Clark Kent is seen moving furniture with his mom and he goes back to work in his Trench Coat at Metropolis when there was a Funeral and his death was published in the paper next to Lex Luthor being put to jail in BvS… “Ey… I went to your funeral”… “Oh no… I’m alive now… =)”
    2. Why is it that there’s a town with a Mural of Aquaman with the MotherBoxes but he has no clue what the MotherBoxes are or what they do? Did he fight in the previous battle? How old does that make him in the movies? If He’s old…”He’s too young to die?”…
    3. Why did killing the Parademons leave imprints of 3 boxes? how come when they fight the demons in the end… no more boxes were seen?
    4. also about no more boxes seen… how come after the boxes were separated again… there were no more boxes?
    5. and why is it that these 3 boxes couldn’t be separated on like other Planets? instead of just 1
    i mean… i’d get it IF it was an Earthly Creation made by some Powerful Human Wizard many many years ago… and the Power Uniting it would give unlimited power to its bearer… and the armies of men aided by the amazonians would make sense… but here they have Gods and Green Lanterns from Outer Space and a DemiGod From another Planet called Apocalypto who plans to destroy earth… why not keep the weapon that can destroy earth scattered across the Universe… one with the Gods… one with the Green Lantern Corp and one on Earth… which Lex Luthor found and they used to build Cyborg… since Ares killed all the Gods… maybe Zeus created wonder woman and trusted her to keep it as part of the Gods… Have a Green Lantern track Steppenwolf to Earth after he stole a Mother Box from Them… or come to warn earth that steppenwolf intends to unite the boxes… he went to olympus but it no longer exist due to Ares killing all the Gods… find cyborg… and reveal the last box is on the hidden God land… Themyscira.. and have a final battle there… where Wonder Woman meets her mother… mother asks why for a hundred years you never came back to see me…

    then she dies.. and Wonder Woman becomes the new Queen of Themyscira… tells batman… thanks… i’ve lost Trevor… but now i’ve found my people… and my people need me…then Flash goes.. but what if we need you…and Wonder Woman responds.. you know where to find me…

    post credit scene… Bruce Wayne talks to a Green Lantern… how many planets are there? .. uses the Ring to show the Universe and the planets… will there be any possible threats? coming to earth… the Lantern says that there is a Threat but the Corp are keeping an Eye on Him…

    then a Plane Crashes… and inside… a Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter… Martian Manhunter…in agonizing pain utters… he destroyed my planet… Bruce asks..Who did?… The Other Lantern responds.. Darkseid… and he’s heading this way!!!

    introduce the Green lantern instead of Aquaman to open up a bigger world

    Justice League will Return…

    then you follow that story with the Lantern Corp Movie… covers the universe… introduces Darkseid… then because of Mayhem at the Corp… probably a Yellow Lantern… Darkseid attacks a green lantern and to the dismay of the green lantern… noone from the corp comes to his aid… as they are busy with the yellow lantern… and Darkseid unleashes his terror!!!

    but before the Green Lantern Movie… have a Solo Flash movie / Cyborg… introduce Aquaman… then have Aquaman movie after the Lantern Corp Movie but before the next Justice League movie

  • Victor Roa

    they bet their bonuses before the merger on the film release….. yeah yeah yeah, got that vibe, the AT&T merger was big deal.

  • Mad Barchetta

    “Warners is a studio that almost to a fault always wants to project strength.”

    So…indecisiveness, reactiveness, and anxiety are what they think project strength? Nearly every decision they have made in the last few years have undermined the very concept of projecting strength. I’m not sure they understand the meaning of strength.

    “Since Justice League was starting production only a few weeks after Batman v Superman, it would have been a red flag if they pushed it back.”

    Meanwhile, here’s pic of WB’s front lawn…

    • AmiRami

      Don’t confuse strength with intelligence (or in this case a SEVERE lack thereof). :-). You can be “strong” and a complete idiot at the same time lol.

      • Mad Barchetta

        Oh, trust me. I don’t confuse the two. WB…you might want to send them a tweet.

  • AmiRami

    So, as expected, everything that happened was due to a list of cluster fucks that could have been easily avoided if they made 1 simple, logical, DUH, choice. Maybe wait to put Justice League into production AFTER you see how audiences react to its previous movie? I mean I am no movie exec but I am starting to think I could be now. I would have never made THAT choice.

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