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Luke Cage’s fashion sense, early in his run, left a lot to be desired. Still, it became iconic in a way. The yellow shirt. The freakin’ tiara! While he was definitely a product of his team, when the character launched in 1972. While Cage’s look has since become updated, there are still many fans out there that- for them- will always remember his initial duds. Actor Mike Colter, who portrays the character in Marvel’s Netflix series Jessica Jones and the upcoming Luke Cage, has been asked about whether or not we can expect to see any of the vintage look in either series.

In the past Colter has said, “Anything that’s primarily Luke Cage we want to save for Luke Cage’s series. I’m not saying that you’re going to see the yellow shirt, but if you’re going to see it, it’ll be in Luke Cage’s series.” That was before Jessica Jones premiered. Now all eyes are on his solo series, and so he was asked- once again- about the character’s costume at the Television Critics Association. Colter was coy about the subject, and would only say this:

“You know when you see something and you know they’re going to do it and you cant believe its real? I’ll leave it at that.”

Read whatever you’d like into that, but Marvel has been commended by fans for- by and large- being faithful to the comic book costumes for their characters’ live-action counterparts. So we’ll see what kind of reference or homage they make to Luke Cage’s original look when the series premieres later this year. 

SOURCE: Comic Book