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From the movies, to the TV shows, Marvel Studios has shown a desire to create one massive, shared universe. It now looks like another component of their offerings may start to tie in to the greater world they’ve been developing for the last few years: Animation.

Until now, Marvel’s animated movies have been treated fairly separate of the primary MCU. But at Emerald City Comic Con Cort Lane- Marvel’s VP of Animation Development and Production- revealed that there’s stuff in the works.

When asked about the subject, Lane revealed “I can’t announce anything, but things are in the works.” According to the Newsarama report covering the panel, Lane then pointed to Marvel’s upcoming Netflix projects as an indication of how things can work independently, yet still together. 

During the presentation, Lane also unveiled clips from the upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy series that seem to take obvious clues from James Gunn’s film adaptation.

So it does certainly look like a move towards full-on incorporation could be on the horizon- even if some of it is in the distant future.

SOURCE: Newsarama