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Wonder Woman was a film that was part World War I movie, part fish out of water story. In that film, Wonder Woman herself, Diana, was the proverbial fish out of water. As a Themyscira resident her whole life, she had no knowledge about the world outside of the confines of her island. So when she finally made her way into the world of man alongside Steve Trevor, there was a lot of fun to be had.

In that situation, Trevor was her compass. He was her guide to the customs and state of the world for the outsider. However, by the film’s end, we got to see poor Trevor go ka-blooey in the plane in a sacrificial move to save countless lives. It worked well, but it left Diana all alone yet again. All that aside, we now know that Trevor will be returning in the film’s sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, and while we don’t know many details regarding the movie, actor Chris Pine gave us a little extra insight into his character:

“This one is a little different for me tonally. The tables are turned, and I’m more of the deer in the headlights.”

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There is little context for this quote, but it does seem to be pretty self-explanatory. As I mentioned above, Wonder Woman was the fish out of water in that first movie. Since Wonder Woman 1984 film takes place decades after that first one and Trevor is the same age, we can assume he’s come back via some supernatural elements, leaving plenty of room for him to be completely confused by their surroundings.

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SOURCE: Variety

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