– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine, and Gal Gadot hit the stage. Sadly, right now, we have no confirmation as to HOW Steve Trevor is actually still alive. Patty Jenkins says she’s excited to have everyone find out once they see the film.

But why 1984? Patty Jenkins expressed her joy of working in a time period for the first film, and how 1984 sees mankind as both its best and worst (which sounds an awful lot like around WWI). So there was no better time to have Wonder Woman in a period of time that is us at our most extreme — Cold War, nuclearization, modernization, etc.

Even though they are only 3.5 weeks into production, they still showed us footage. It’s just a rough cut, but they wanted to show something.

In it, we see Wonder Woman in a mall in her full outfit — which looks brighter than when we last saw it. There are a couple of lowly thugs. There is a little girl who is like “whoa,” and Wonder Woman tosses her aside to safety against a giant Teddy bear. She lassos the bad guys, jumps over the balcony, pulling them as she descends to another floor. We then cut to the logo for WW84.

We are then treated to a shot of Wonder Woman running through the streets incredibly fast. It’s very clear this is still rough footage, as it looks kind of awkward, with her almost flying illogically. Still, the spirit of the footage is fun, and ironically, seemingly a bit sillier and goofy than perhaps we’d expect (at least that’s the impression I got with how cartoony the bad guys were).

Patty Jenkins goes on to say how Wonder Woman is more like us than most superheroes, as far as relatability.

Gal Gadot says the movie “is not a sequel” but is it’s a whole new movie. Jenkins didn’t want to just “keep it going.” She loved the world and characters, and this movie allowed her to make a completely different movie than the first. It’s not “more of anything” from the first one. It’s its own new thing.

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