– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Holy conflicting reports, Batman! As you may have noticed, over the course of the past several days, we’ve been writing off the assumption that Patty Jenkins had signed on to a Wonder Woman sequel. The assumption came off an extensive THR piece, wherein the reporter stated that Jenkins “and Gadot are contractually committed to a second film.”

Well, THR is singing a different tune now. In a new report from the outlet, it sounds like they’re backpedaling on that statement. Jenkins, it turns out, was only brought on for one film, as she had only directed one film (2003’s Monster) up until that point, and as such was subject to the standard practice for directors signing on for one big blockbuster at a time.

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While Warner Bros. undoubtedly hoped that hiring Jenkins would pay off, it seems like they had underestimated just how much of a success the film would be. Now it looks like their “standard practice” could cost them some big bucks, as Jenkins is now in quite the advantageous place to renegotiate. That being said, we don’t think there are any real losers as a result. Warner Bros. is laughing their way to the bank, the brand of Wonder Woman is stronger than ever, and Patty Jenkins SHOULD get her due for making a film as successful as it was. The report goes on to say that she could even have enough leverage to extend her involvement to go beyond directing, maybe even giving her the opportunity of working with DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns on a script treatment for the next film, as well as others coming down the line.

This move to wait on negotiations definitely seems to be a shift from the way they’ve done things in the past. If you’ll recall, it always feels like they have their plans made well in advance of a film’s release, and no matter if those plans crash and burn, they’ve had to move forward and hope for the best. This seems to fall in line with a recent report of Warner Bros. taking things a bit slower in the near future.

Wonder Woman is out in theaters now!

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