Steven Spielberg’s Pentagon Papers Movie Begins Filming

Slashfilm is reporting that filming is underway for Steven Spielberg's latest, titled The Papers. Centering around the release of the Pentagon Papers to newspapers from military contractor Daniel Ellsberg, the film focuses around the fight

The Mummy: The Verdict Is In, And Critics Are Not Thrilled

Eyes have been resting on Tom Cruise’s upcoming film The Mummy for some time now. Ever since Universal announced that they’d be using the film as a launchpad for a shared universe of films, it’s

Star Wars: Donald Glover Thinks Lando Is More Complicated Than Han Solo

Much has been said about the upcoming Han Solo movie. It isn’t the easiest project to take a liking to, as Han Solo has long since been a character who has been portrayed by the

Hellboy Reboot To Be Darker And More Character-Focused

The Hellboy reboot, only recently announced, is moving forward at a pace that's probably faster than anyone expected, which is awesome news. According to TheWrap, principal photography for the reboot is planned for this September.

Mary Poppins Returns: New Vibrant Images Attempt To Capture The Magic Of The Original

Who needs a Mary Poppins sequel? That was our mindset when it was announced that Disney would be revisiting the world created by its beloved adaptation of the P.L. Travers novel. It was an astounding

Death Note: Director Adam Wingard Defends The U.S. Setting Of His Adaptation

Representation of Asians in Hollywood is a real problem. Unless a character has some sort of stereotypical Asian aspect or backstory to them, the probability is high that they will be portrayed by a white

Justice League: It Sounds Like These Wonder Woman Characters May Show Up In The Superhero Team-Up Flick

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Wonder Woman. Right now, Wonder Woman is continuing its successful theatrical run worldwide, and audiences are falling in love with Wonder Woman and the warriors of Themyscira. Of course,

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Is The Beginning Of The Marvel Cosmic Universe

Seriously, how much bigger can things really get in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, there’s no end in sight, and while things have gotten pretty epic already, there’s no denying that there’s still room to

Dan Aykroyd Changes Tune On Ghostbusters Remake

Dan Aykroyd has taken to Facebook to further comment upon the Ghostbusters remake, expanding on comments he made to Britain's Channel 4 that LRM discussed a couple days ago. In the comment, he changes his

Wonder Woman 2: Director Patty Jenkins Apparently Not Signed On To Helm Just Yet

Holy conflicting reports, Batman! As you may have noticed, over the course of the past several days, we’ve been writing off the assumption that Patty Jenkins had signed on to a Wonder Woman sequel. The