– by Seth McDonald

While Wonder Woman is the currently the shining star of the DC extended universe, with a film’s success comes a film’s Honest Trailer. It has sort of become an honor for a movie to be ripped on by the Honest Trailers folks. The newest video from the popular Youtube channel focuses on Wonder Woman. The video makes some good points in highlighting the campiness of the villains, the film’s use of Snydervision, and of course, there are a couple of jabs taken at Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. One of my favorite parts of the Honest Trailers videos is when they list the made up names for the film’s cast, and this part of the Wonder Woman video was one of the funnier attempts I have seen in a while.

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I’ve been a fan of Honest Trailers for a while now, and always enjoy watching them take the steam out of a movie, even if I enjoyed the film, and sometimes, especially if I enjoyed the film. While some are better than others, the Honest Trailers videos are always good for at least few laughs, if they aren’t flat out hilarious. They have become a staple for me, as I am always impatiently waiting for their next video. The Youtube channel has become quite popular with over six million subscribers, and even had Ryan Reynolds come in to be a part of the Deadpool Honest Trailer. If this is your first experience with Honest Trailers, I recommend the Game of Thrones videos along with the Lord of the Rings, they’re great.

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  • CoolHandJuke

    i wonder what she cooks like…naked…

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Is there something about the video that makes you think she knows her way around a wok?

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Honest Trailers does this with every movie that comes out. What is so special about WW having an honest trailer? Is DC throwing some payola your way? Do you get an extra bonus every time WW is highlighted in an article?
    BTW they also have a HISHE on WW that came out a couple of weeks ago. Maybe that can be the next article.
    To answer your question, yes I do like Honest Trailers. I also used to like CinemaSins until it got bloated and long winded so it could play ads double time.

    • Seth McDonald

      My favorite HISHE is The Dark Knight.