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The promotion trail is on for Solo: A Star Wars Story which hits theaters this weekend. LRM‘s own Gig Patta was at the recent press conference for Solo and Woody Harrelson was asked what it was like to get into the character. Here is what Harrelson had to say, which you may find interesting?

“Well, I thought it was a really easy character for me to play, because he’s a scoundrel and a thief and… [LAUGHTER] ah… but I think really well-written and… I mean… that’s the thing, that you have to be aware of. A lot of people who are Star Wars fanatics, this is their favorite Star Wars character which was really cool, but Larry and Jonathan really wrote an extraordinary script and, ah… and just at the right time, Ron came in and, and did his magic and then you have all this, these wonderful characters and… so it’s pretty cool to get to be in a Star Wars — it’s also phenomenal. [LAUGHTER]”

Did anyone else get the same vibe as me when Harrelson talked about Ron Howard coming in?

ah… and just at the right time, Ron came in

With all the rumors about Lord and Miller and just why they were fired as directors, is Harrelson saying that Ron Howard arrived just in the nick of time to salvage this movie. Was Harrelson one of the actors who took issue with the direction given by Lord and Miller? We can’t say for sure of course, but one could read between the lines here and assume Harrelson was happy that Ron Howard came on board when he did.

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What do you think of Harrelson’s comments, do they suggest Ron Howard came in just in time to save Solo? You fans will be the judge when Solo hits this weekend. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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SOURCE: Solo Press Conference