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The Star Wars fandom, is a passionate one, to put it mildly. After the incredibly divisive, The Last Jedi, fans will get a stand-alone film in, Solo: A Star Wars Story this Friday. The film’s production ran into trouble roughly four months into shooting when directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were replaced by Ron Howard. Howard navigated the film’s troubles and enabled it to meet its scheduled release date. The rocky production was met with a lot of mostly negative comments from fans, and many wondered exactly what was going on over at LucasFilm. The film’s writers, father and son team Lawrence and Jon Kasdan, recently spoke with CinemaBlend, and talked about film backlash from fans and also what is expected of Star Wars films.

Lawrence Kasdan:

“I understand it, but I don’t take it that seriously. I’ve seen both sides. Every one of these movies, it was never like this back in Empire. In the last years, you see all of this prognosticating, but no one’s seen anything. I always think, ‘Well, if the movie works, the movie works.’ Three minutes in, no one remembers any of that if the movie’s working. If the movie’s not working, then everyone’s sitting there like ‘see? I thought this would suck.'”

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These days fans are privy to far more information than back in the days of the original trilogy. Where fans went into films back then knowing very little, in today’s cinematic world a photo from the first day of shooting has become commonplace.

Jon Kasdan:

“You know, it’s funny. It’s really a new reality from the one that these movies are born out of. I was thinking about this last night, as I was trying and failing to go to sleep. The original Star Wars is like a B summer matinee movie. There was no expectation on it to be anything but terrible, and it was great and cool, and it began a tradition. These movies are historically relegated to pulp and popcorn… So now they sit in the culture where they’re the most divisive bit of moviemaking that can be. It’s a really funny irony at the core of it.”

Unfortunately, high expectations for Star Wars films just comes with the territory nowadays. I think most Star Wars fans talk a big game, but like me (even with my intense dislike of The Last Jedi), I will be in the theater for Solo come this weekend.

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Source: CinemaBlend (via CBM)