– by Emmanuel Gomez

With the DC Universe almost being a month old, we are few days away from the release of their first of many live action series, Titans. This series will introduce us to one of the next live action series on the streaming service Doom Patrol and some of their characters. The show will also be the live action debut of Hawk and Dove, the cult classic duo that has not really ever made mainstream success. But could we maybe see a Hawk and Dove series in the future?

Comicbook.com had the opportunity to speak with the actress playing Dove, Minka Kelly, about the thought of starring in her own spin off.
“Don’t make me answer that right here, right now!” Kelly said. “I love being a part of the Titans, but to have a spinoff would be a huge honor. If that’s what the fans want, I would be honored, of course. I think Alan [Ritchson] and I would kill it.”

Alan Ritchson, who plays Hawk also had an answer to this question but not without imputing the complications of his costume. “I think with a happy reluctance, I’d happily say yes,” Ritchson said. “It’s a lot of abuse on the body and a lot of days not peeing. I think I would do it, I’d take one for the team.”

Although currently there is no word on a Hawk & Dove spin off, it seems like we may be seeing them more in the near future now that Titans has received a second season order. Executive producer Akiva Goldsman talked about the long term plans for the series.
“In early days we kind of grossly discussed the first three season just in very large blocks and obviously with serialized television what’s great these days is you can do set ups and pay offs at least within the season and there are also some that we hope will be able to pay off next season,” Goldsman said.

For now we will have to enjoy Hawk and Dove on Titans. Would you like to see them have a spin off series? Let us know in the comment section below!

DC Universe’s Titans debuts October 12th exclusively on the DC Universe’s streaming service.


Source: comicbook.com