– by Tim Jousma

WWE NXT saw four men battle for the Number One Contender spot for Shinsuke Nakamura’s NXT Championship. Bobby Roode, Ty Dillinger, Cien Andrade Almas, and Roderick Strong battled in a pretty decent match that saw Bobby Roode pin Ty Dillinger for the win.


  I like seeing Roode finally challenge for the title. Among the four, Bobby Roode has the most immediate upside. Roderick Strong’s resume speaks for itself. Yet I think some work needs to be done to more fully introduce him to the casual fan. To me, NXT is the show that bridges the gap between the type of fan that attends any and all independent wrestling shows and the fan who’s only contact with the wrestling business is what the WWE has to offer ona weekly basis. Being that Bobby Roode was TNA Champion while TNA still had a major network still airing their show, he simply has more name value and can be more of an immediate asset to the WWE. Look at the Royal Rumble last year and the reaction AJ Styles got? I think the WWE underestimates just how well known TNA was, at least as of a few years ago.

 Â  The Authors of Pain had a great squash match. They looked absolutely dominant out there. I especially loved the fact the match was stopped by the referee. It made the team look like an unstoppable force. Having the legendary Paul Ellering as their manager was a stroke of genius. Long time wrestling fans know Paul thanks to his many years managing The Legion of Doom. To see him take these rookies under his wing means something. And frankly, it makes them stars by association. They’d have to work much harder to get to this point if they didn’t have Paul.

 Â  Overall, for my money the best WWE wrestling on television today is on NXT. The format is simple yet effective. It doesn’t try and overwhelm you with too muchnonsense. The show works by basically being a throwback to how wrestling used to be. The WWE could do well to take some of the things that have worked for NXT and apply them to their main shows.