– by Shockey

The WWE is in the midst of realizing that women can bring just as much to the table, if not more, than men in the world of professional wrestling. With stars like Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and others, they have collected a roster of women that can perform in the ring and demand the audience attention in much the same way the men do.

With that said, the WWE is always on the lookout for talent. One such talent they’ve signed to the NXT roster is Io Shirai. You can forgive most American wrestling fans if they don’t recognize the name. Her claim to fame has been in Japan with the Stardom wrestling organization. 

But that doesn’t mean American audiences haven’t seen her. Lucha Underground gave Io Shirai her American introduction on a Season 3 episode of Lucha Underground. Facing off against Pentagon Dark, she went on to have an amazing match.

One thing that impressed me when I interviewed Lucha Underground star Taya was her defiance when I asked her about critics of intergender wrestling. I expected an answer along the lines of the show being entertainment and that in a scripted format like Lucha Underground, it is all right to see performers of different sexes facing off against each other. I didn’t get that. She boldly stated that each performer in Lucha Underground is a warrior. They choose to be in that ring. No matter the difference in size, they each choose to be in that ring facing their opponents, even when the odds are insurmountable against them. I really came to respect her for that answer.

This match between Io Shirai, or as she was known in Lucha Underground, Hitokiri, a member of the Black Lotus Tribe faction, and Pentagon Dark is a sight to see. Not once do you get the impression that Pentagon Dark is holding back. Not once do you get the impression that Hitokiri is outmatched by her opponent. This is a fight between two gladiators. This is what makes Lucha Underground great to watch.

The mid-season premiere of Lucha Underground debuts on the El Rey Network on May 31st.

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SOURCE: Youtube