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Wrestlemania is upon us today and the WWE loves to go all out with surprises for their audience.  Last night at NXT: Takeover Orlando for example, fans were shocked to see Drew McIntyre make his return to the WWE after a long stay at Impact Wrestling. Drew was the first member of the Impact Wrestling roster that left the company after Anthem purchased that company. Soon to follow were Matt and Jeff Hardy. The Hardy’s made their way to Ring of Honor for what has ended up being a short stay. Last night at Supercard of Honor, the Hardy’s faced off against The Young Bucks and lost the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships to them in an amazing ladder match. People have speculated that the Hardy’s stay in Ring of Honor would be a short one.

If the tweet above is to be believed, that appears to be the case. The Hardy’s hosted what they called the “Broken Tailgate Party”. It appears that someone associated with the WWE has shown up to that party. 

Do they look shocked? 

Do they look shocked? 

These are how rumors start of course and that’s what makes being a wrestling fan this time of year so fun. There’s speculation that anyone and everyone is making a return at the biggest show of the year for the WWE. Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet has gone on record stating that The Hardy’s have already been offered a WWE contract. While Matt probably won’t be able to be “Broken” in the WWE due to the legal situation he has with Anthem, Matt and Jeff Hardy showing up at either Wrestlemania or Raw tomorrow night would make the fans in Orlando go nuts. Take the Hall of Fame this past Friday. When Kurt Angle mentioned the Hardy’s, the audience went nuts screaming Matt’s catchphrase “Delete” for a good fifteen seconds. Matt is certainly creative enough that he could retain certain elements of the “Broken” Matt Hardy character without it being so close that it could lead to some legal issues from Anthem. The WWE of course would not want to be involved in any sort of unnecessary legal headaches either so if the Hardy’s come back, I suspect it will be as they were in the WWE. 

What I would love to see is The Hardy’s appear during the Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson need to win in order to stay relevant as a team. While having Enzo and Big Cass win would liven the crowd up, I think those two are still better off in chase mode. Have Gallows and Anderson win by nefarious means and, when they’re beating the other two teams in the ring after the match, The Hardy’s music hits and they clear the ring to an ovation from the crowd. That would be one hell of a way to reintroduce them back to the WWE audience. 

So what do you think? Do you think The Hardy’s will appear in a WWE ring in the next couple days? Do you expect any other major surprises to occur? What match are you most looking forward to tonight at Wrestlemania? Sound off in the comments below. 

UPDATE: Called it! 

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SOURCE: Pro Wrestling Sheet