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Word has fallen off the grapevine that X-Men: Apocalypse, the follow-up to this year’s mega hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, will be returning to Montreal for production. That’s not all, we also have a nice timeline for the way things will progress for the production.

The film, which will once again be directed by Bryan Singer, will have its production office up and running in the city of Montreal in October. Sets will start being built in December, and the crew will be ready to start filming in April of 2015. That creates a surprisingly narrow window, if true, since the film is set to open 13 months later. For major, effects-heavy blockbusters like these, the shoots are usually longer than normal, and the post-production process typically takes a long time as well. They’re not leaving themselves a ton of wiggle room here.

Montreal was also where Days of Future Past was shot, and returning to familiar territory with, perhaps, some set pieces still in tact, could steam line the process. Montreal, for one, is quite happy to welcome the 20th Century Fox franchise back, as Days of Future Past generated around $100 million for the Canadian city.