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The new Thunderbird!

The new Thunderbird!

We now know that the much anticipated X-Men TV series gifted finally has a title, and it is called Gifted (or possibly X-Men: Gifted). Since this is not a Christmas show where Santy Claus is delivering gifts on December 25th, one can assume it refers to the various powers young mutants discover, and then how they learn to develop them — for good or evil. LRM has already reported that Bryan Singer will direct the pilot, and X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner shared the news on something kids call “Twitter” in a casting reading photo. Check it out.

In addition, @XmenSaga showed us a photo of the cast with their names lined up, dispelling the myth that Blair Redford was going to be Sam, which many assumed would be Cannonball, but will actually be Warpath’s brother; Thunderbird. Take a look at this pic and then we will break down the characters, and what we know so far.

  • Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time) – Blink. She is teleporting mutant that open wormholes, and if you saw X-Men: Days of Future Past, then you know exactly who she is.

  • Blair Redford (Switched at Birth, Satisfaction) – Thunderbird aka John Proudstar, or possibly James, as both brothers have taken on the name of Thunderbird, but James is generally known as Warpath.

  • Emma Dumont (Pretty Little Liars) – Polaris. Her main powers are similar to Magneto, as she controls magnetism, but at one point she had a second set of abilities emerge that made her invulnerable, gave her super strength, and the ability to increase her body in size.

  • Natalie Alyn Lind (Gotham) – Eclipse. This is a new character created for the show, with unknown abilities at this time.

  • Stephen Moyer (True Blood) – Reed. An attorney.

  • Amy Acker (Person of Interest) – Caitlin. Reed’s estranged wife.

  • Natalie Ann Lynn (Gotham) – Lauren. Unknown at this time.

  • Percy Hynes White (Defiance) – Andy. Unknown at this time.

  • Coby Bell (Burn Notice) – Jace. Unknown at this time.

It looks like with both Agents already airing, Inhumans and X-Men coming out, and of course all the Netflix shows, that Marvel (all studios) are trying fairly hard to get the characters on the small screen so they can take some lesser known characters and hopefully make them fan favorites. We have six more days until Iron Fist, even though the reviews are terrible, and then after that who knows where Marvel could go. We still have Young Avengers to explore, and many others!

Do you guys think this show will be any good? Would Young Avengers make for a good series? Will they make Polaris way OP in Gifted? Let us know!

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Source: IGN, @XMenSaga, @ShuDonner

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