– by Brian Jasper

Some people insist their superheroes stay heroic and their toons stay toons, and the two should never meet. For me, in this world where I can get a taco wrapped in a Dorito-powdered-cheese-encrusted shell, I’ll take my good stuff in whatever combination I can get it. To that end, over the last month, DC has been putting out crossover comics with no less than the Looney Tunes. A cynical millennial might cry foul over the corporate synergy at work here (the owner of the Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers, also owns DC Comics), but I’m going to take the high road and carefully look for the diamonds in the rough.

Seems I’m not the only one. Batman/Elmer Fudd is a hit and if you missed it, here’s your chance to score the kind of collectible you’ll be telling your grandchildren about (but don’t dare let them have it until they pry it from your cold, dead hands):

If you need a bit more convincing (ain’t you a stinker!), here’s my brief, spoiler-free summary: Elmer Fudd is a bounty hunter put on the trail of Batman in a noir thriller. Other Looney Tunes make an appearance, but as Gotham City-ized versions. Bugs Bunny, for instance, shows up early as a human barfly with buck teeth and a mischievous grin. What happens over the course of just a single book is a master class in storytelling by regular Batman writer, Tom King. It’s a quick, solid read that’ll leave you grinning.

Interested in other DC-Looney Tunes crossovers? Well, this month you’ve got Wonder Woman-Tazmanian Devil, Jonah Hex-Yosemite Sam, Lobo-Road Runner, Martian Manhunter-Marvin the Martian (naturally), and Legion of Super-Heroes-Bugs Bunny. This isn’t the first crossover between the two worlds. In 2015, DC printed a series of covers featuring their heroes and WB’s toons, but in that instance, there weren’t stories to go along. 

Now, hit me up on Twitter at @LRM_Brian and tell me how excited you are for the sure-to-come DC Looney Toons Cinematic Extended Super Universe, or get creative and pitch me some ideas on future matchups below!

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Source: Tom King (via Twitter)