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If you clicked on this article you’ve accepted that there are spoilers ahead. We’re here to discuss the recent reveal of Anakin Skywalker’s father. This reveal happens in Issue 25 of the current Darth Vader comic from Marvel, but could have repercussions in Episode IX and other future films. If you haven’t read this issue yet then leave now… but come back after for our take on the reveal!








Still here? Okay, so remember in The Phantom Menace when Anakin’s mother tells Qui-Gon Jinn that she conceived Anakin without a father? Well, that has lead to debate ever since over who, if anyone, was responsible for that. One theory was the Force did it on its own through the Midichlorians (Force bacteria). Another theory was Darth Plagueis, who was said to be able to use the Force to create life, was the mastermind behind Anakin. This theory was even alluded to in Revenge of the Sith in one of the few good scenes from the Prequel Trilogy.

However, neither of these have proven to be true. Instead, we find out that the Emperor himself influenced the Midichlorians to create his future apprentice. How did this knowledge come to be? Well, in the story, Darth Vader creates a tear in the fabric between life and the Force and is basically on a vision quest to see his past.

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How does all of this affect the universe of Star Wars? Well, it can mean a lot. If Vader learns how to do the same, he may have created a new child of his own, one that may have then given birth to Rey. This could explain why Rey is so strong in the Force and give some fans a sense of closure about her power. I am not quite sure how I feel about this theory myself, but I can see where Disney could take advantage of these events in their next film.

I also find the whole tearing at the fabric of the Force thing to be interesting. Is it possible that Kylo or Rey use this to contact someone from the past or learn some secrets? What if this is how Rey finds out who her parents are? We have heard of rumors where she meets them and there is bright light involved which could mean they aren’t of the living realm. I guess we’ll see what happens in future issues of the comic and next year when Episode IX hits theaters.

What do you think about the reveal? Do you think this will have an effect on the movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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SOURCE: Darth Vader #25 (Via Screen Rant)

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