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Following the rumor yesterday that Zack Snyder was actually fired from directing Justice League (covered by our own Seth McDonald below), it seems like the full story is slowly starting to come to the surface.

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According to Collider, separate sources have told the outlet that this firing came after Zack Snyder showed a rough cut of Justice League which the sources claim was “unwatchable.” As the outlet says, it’s very unusual for separate sources to use the exact word unwatchable. No one reported this at the time because no one wanted to pile more pressure on Snyder. As we know, Snyder was also going through some personal tragedy at the time this story broke.

Now, of course, we don’t fully understand what “unwatchable” means. After all, a rough cut of an unfinished movie IS going to be a little unwatchable and can be fixed with reshoots and editing. However, clearly there was serious panic at WB after this cut had been shown, and this panic led to them firing Snyder from the DCEU. We know the story from this point pretty well, most of the movie was already shot and Joss Whedon was hired to finish it. Anyone who has watched Justice League can see just how much of the movie was reshot by Whedon, almost all Superman scenes, for one.

The result was in many ways a beautiful disaster, I personally thought the movie was fun, despite its many obvious standout flaws. You have to wonder whether we will eventually get the full story behind this movie in time. If anything Justice League is likely to become infamous as the years pass by.

While we still must classify this as rumor for now, it does make you think that there is clearly more to this story than we were told at the time.

Let us know what you think of this rumor below in the usual place.

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SOURCE: Collider

  • Mad Barchetta

    Dude’s daughter took her own life and then he got fired immediately after. I wonder if maybe we could just leave him alone at this point.

    • Derek NOLA

      agreed… hes been through enough and i hope the best for him in the future…

  • Jasper Oosterveld

    He is such a hack of a director. All visuals, no substance whatsoever. I just can’t believe people like him, Bay, Rattner keep getting money to make sh*t movies.

    • Broian

      Right! All of their movies “look” great, but fall flat on story and acting. The three guys you mention should just be directors of photography.

    • myhony1967

      Leave him alone.

    • Nattown

      Your movies must be amazing.

  • Subbaculta

    After watching sucker punch, it’s obvious that Snyder doesn’t understand character development or establishing “stakes”.

    Zach did fine with 300, where he could visually recreate well known panels on the big screen.

    I’m even a defender of his work on the Watchmen.

    But Suckerpunch and MoS are two of the most boring large budget movies I’ve ever sat thru.

    At this point WB should just use flashpoint to reboot and hope fans aren’t so burnt on comic book movies that MCU has the market completely cornered until its entirely exhausted

    • JZC

      I can’t stand Snyder from the most part. “300” was one of those massive “trailer to movie” disappointments for me. I mean WHO puts VOICEOVER on top of the biggest action pieces?

      That said , I somehow enjoyed Suckerpunch for being in incredibly risky proposal for a studio. It wasn’t great, but very enjoyable. I even thought Jena Malone was going to become a big action star.

      Then once on board with DC he started preaching the word “cool” in his interviews and I lost it.

  • M@rvel

    You LRM folks love hitting people while they’re already down huh…

    • We don’t make the news, we just report it.

      • M@rvel

        This isn’t news lol. This is a rumor.

      • Jason Tyler

        this isn’t news and you are not a journalist

  • J-man The Great

    Rough year for the poor guy…not going to pile on. I hope that he gets back on his feet again!

  • FeixPunk

    I wonder if this will stop the calls for a Snyder cut. Its funny though, the same people calling for that are the same people that called for him to be fired after BvS.

  • Atirus

    He needs to get back to making films like Dawn of the Dead – Low budget, story/character driven films! I would love to see him and James Gunn collaborate again like they did on that film!

    • Bruce Norris

      Hey, it seems to have worked for M. Night Shyamalan.

  • Nattown

    It shows SOME human decency that this had to be “dug” up.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I liked his movie for the most part. I don’t know what it is about Superman but I can’t find him an interesting character. At least the way he’s been portrayed so far. I don’t care for Cavill and think they should have hired an actor with charisma.
    But maybe it wasn’t his fault entirely. WB seemed to be rushing their world building so what could he actually do with the stories that he was to tell. Not to mention that he was never the ideal person to oversee it all. He never had the DC insight that Feige has. I’m sure if there was already an established universe and he was chosen to do the Batman portion of it, it would have been one of the best we’ve seen.