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It sounds like Disney is (rightfully) going all in on their streaming service. Disney had an investors call recently, and Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz took to Twitter to reveal that the conglomerate is doubling down on big IP and creating live-action Star Wars series and Marvel series (he didn’t specify whether this would be live-action, but we can imagine it being both), in addition to series based on Monsters, Inc.

This reveal would be a dream come true for Star Wars fans, who have been waiting patiently for a live-action series to hit Netflix. With Disney going off into their own service, it makes sense that they’d wait until now to make it a reality.

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The Marvel reveal is a bit disheartening — not because we think it’ll be bad. Disney has a fairly solid track record with their streaming shows. But it does seem to make it all the more evident that they have little interesting in continuing their relationship with Netflix going forward. Why bother with continuing on with The Defenders when you can bring it all to your own service right? That being said, those series are markedly darker than most of Disney’s brand, so there still may be a home for Marvel at Netflix to some capacity.

The Monster, Inc. thing is also interesting. For the most part, Pixar has been pretty precious about the use of their IP. Hopefully Disney will be respectful in this department, and won’t turn this into a Planes situation, where the content turns into shovel-ware.

All in all, this is pretty great news. When it was first announced that Disney would be making their streaming service, I worried they would rely to heavily on their theatrical films. But this move here really shows they understand that the success of this streaming service will rely on their original content. Needless to say, they’ve locked down millions of subscribers by including these brands in their service.

What do you think of this? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Ben Fritz

  • Victor Roa

    makes sense, but I do worry about audience. Yes, streaming services are the next big thing but like your cutting it down from smaller to smaller to smaller to practically a room with only 3 people watching it. Right now Disney XD is really suffering from poor views so they are taking their top teir animation and putting them on Disney Channel and youtube. And I say Top Teir because they actually are using their storyboard artists from Frozen, Zootopia and Wreck it Ralph working on XD shows and no one is watching them. Tron show had character designer from Gorillaz music videos and Harmonix Rock Band games, and that show lasted 4 months. Does anyone know there’s an animated Rocket and Groot shorts with Skottie Young art and story? No we know about the Decendents.
    Maybe this is more to say how that audience isn’t watching Cable TV, Korra is a better example of how to do this right since that crew is working on Voltron for Netflix? But still, Disney has a worse track record than Nickelodeon.

  • Sy Burr

    No. It’s not a dream come true. It’s called over saturation and it’s going to suck the life out of the franchise. Thanks Kathleen Kennedy…you freaking, creative killing moron.

  • surethom

    Star Wars Live action YES.

    Please Please Disney stay USA only, then sell your series’s to Netflix for the UK.

  • surethom

    Current Marvel at Netflix NEEDS to stay or increase in piracy.

  • Kronx

    On one hand, I like seeing adult-oriented Marvel shows on Netflix. Disney’s probably not going to put that kind of content on its streaming service.

    On the other hand, the Marvel Netflix shows haven’t exactly been getting better, either. The potential is still there, but there have been enough misfires for me to start to grow cautious.

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