– by Seth McDonald

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to his Twitter account and broke down in a series of tweets why the nerd community should stop the debate about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You can see the tweets below:

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It is hard to argue with Gunn’s points, it is highly unlikely the two sides are going to change each other’s minds. It is also unlikely that Gunn’s sensible words are going to resonate with most fans, the argument will probably continue on for some time. It is what us movie fans do, argue over aspects of the films that they thought were good or bad, but it appears that James Gunn has had enough of this particular conversation and if all else fails, just wants to be excluded from any future talks about the film.

As I have said before I enjoyed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I don’t think that it isn’t without its problems, but I certainly didn’t hate the film. Yeah, the fight took too long to get to us, and the pacing wasn’t the greatest, but Snyder, as always, delivered on the visuals and the action, in my opinion.

What is the good and the bad and the ugly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: James Gunn

  • Vector

    Then I suggest that Mr. Gunn refrain from debating on the topic.

    Meanwhile, I’m not a fan of BvS. LOL

    • ScreamFace

      Ok, time to turn this comment section into a debate. I loved BvS.

      Let’s fight, but first we have to save Martha.

      • Vector

        Cool! Some debates are timeless, like Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

        • M@rvel

          SW vs. ST is the stupidest debate. They are completely different. Why not have both….

          • Vector

            I believe people do.

          • AmiRami

            They are totally different! Star Trek is the definition of Science Fiction. Star Wars is much more fantasy (like LotR) than it is SciFi.

      • WHY… did you say that Naaaame?

      • BVS is a case study for being a script doctor. So easy to go in with fresh eyes and see several small things that could be easily changed for the better.

  • axebox

    BvS has it’s problems, but also has it’s strengths. Fans really do need to chill sometimes.

  • Moby85

    Well his account certainly isn’t hacked, as he added the usual Hollywood digs at Trump/non-liberal politics.

    • suckit15694


  • jonathing

    debates about comics and films is not new thing i used to do it in the playground in the 60s 70s

  • the50sguystrikesback

    THANK YOU, James Gunn!
    Agree to disagree, fan brothers & sisters and MOVE the freak ON!!

  • Victor Roa

    Well, at least I have Supergirl and Flash, but when I rant about the past 15 years how WB doesn’t have to give any money to Segal and Shuster estates. At least Gunn had the BALLS to give all credit of
    Howard the Duck back to it’s creator after the Clone Sage of Leonard the Duck
    comics are weird, and like the whole comic book nerd arguements sometimes tend to shift into lunacy but like sometimes we should stop and give credit to the creators more since they get a commission fee and not the rights for action figures.

  • surethom

    It was a great film, if you did not like it then get over yourself’s & move on it has been 2 years.