'Robin Hood' Gets Taught A Lesson By A 'Kingsman'

– by LRM

Looks like Matthew Vaughn and his production shingle, MARV, are enjoying throwing their weight around a little bit. Riding high on the success of this year's Kingsman: The Secret Service, production on that film's sequel has made a decision that is forcing Lionsgate to change its plans for Robin Hood: Origins

See, Kingsman star Taron Egerton was tapped to lead to Lionsgate's new adaptation of the Robin Hood folktale. They lined him, and the production, up to start in February of 2016. But then news broke that Vaughn, MARV, and 20th Century Fox were pushing forward with Kingsman 2 and would need Egerton in April- only two months after Robin Hood: Origins would've started. Egerton's hands are tied since Fox has a contractual option on the actor, one that they've now exercised. 

This threw the production for Robin Hood: Origins for a loop. Would they recast? Would they try to complete all of Egerton's scenes in under two months? Would they delay the production? Fox threw down the gauntlet, and all eyes fell on Lionsgate to see how they'd respond.

Well, The Hollywood Reporter has now revealed that Lionsgate's decision, officially, is to delay Robin Hood: Origins and begin filming in the summer of 2016- as soon as Kingsman 2 wraps.

So that's that.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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