Two Heroes Revealed for Gearbox’s ‘Battleborn’

– by Gig Patta

One of the most anticipated video games for 2016 will definitely be Gearbox’s “Battleborn.”

There will be 25 playable characters in this slashing, magic-using, shoot’m up, sci-fi fantasy video game. Just imagine expanded and crazier version of “Borderlands.” had the reveals for Ghalt, the Veteran Peacekeeper, and Deande, the Jennerit Spymaster.

First up is Ghalt who uses a short-range UPR M8-R revolver shotgun that deals significant damage up close, but weaker at great distances. His special skills include an energy hook that could pull enemies closer to you and a setting a scraptrap that explodes dealing mega-damage. His ultimate skill is using two shotguns, which doubles the output damage for 10 seconds.

Here’s the Ghalt character reveal in the video below:

And then the near-immortal Deande, who is a master of stealth and deception. She’ll use iron-tipped fans that slice and dice—and can be thrown at her enemies. She has the power of cloaking and deploying a decoy to fight in her place for 8 seconds. Her other skill is a super-dash attack that causes a lot of damage and pushing them back. The ultimate ability is called Blink Storm that unleashes a flurry of strikes that damages and stuns her enemies.

Check out the Deande character video reveal below.

“Battleborn” will be available early summer on May 3th. Seven character will be immediately available with the rest unlocked through story and challenges. Ghalt and Deande are central characters in the story mission.

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