– by Seth McDonald

Considering it’s troubled production I think Solo: A Star Wars Story turned out pretty good, not great, could have been better sure, but, it was entertaining enough. A good number of fans likely disagree with me, they never wanted the film, and did not like how it turned out (although LRM‘s own Kyle Malone loved Solo: A Star Wars Story if you also loved it, please email Kyle and tell him).

The film did manage to incorporate Han Solo’s fabled Kessel run, during which he caused quite a bit of damage to what was then Lando Calrissian’s Millennium Falcon. How much damage? Funny you should ask, I just so happen to have that information. If you want to watch the price of each piece of damage head to the video above, if you just want the total look below the ALSO SEE section.

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It would cost Han almost 90,000 credits to repair the Falcon, 87,500 to be exact, and without a ship to smuggle contraband in, it would likely be difficult for him to come up with that many credits. A pretty hefty bill there, and although the cost of a brand new YT-1300 light freighter is somewhere around 100,00 credits (25,000 for a used one), it wouldn’t be the same ship, it wouldn’t be the Falcon.

Would you repair the Millennium Falcon, or just buy a new one? Let us know in the comments down below!

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