– by Joseph Jammer Medina

No-Gael-Garcia-Bernal-Pablo-LarrainWhile many people are concentrating on who’s going to win some of the top-tier awards (best picture, best actress), they should be paying additional attention to the foreign film nominees. In there is a collection of some of the best filmmakers out there from different countries that more people worldwide should be watching right away. One picture in particular caught our eye.

We’re referring to “No,” the fascinating new movie from Chile that’s been gaining worldwide attention. “No” is one of the nominees for the Best Foreign Film category and is the first Chilean movie to receive a spot in the Oscars. What makes “No” all the more powerful is its subject matter. Based off a true event, “No” centers on two television campaigns (yes or no) taking place back in 1988 when the country was still ruled under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. The dictator was forced to let the country decide whether or not he’d be in power for another few years, adding onto the sixteen he’d been in rule, but gave the Chilean people their first chance at freedom and democracy. We follow an in-demand advertising worker (Gael Garcia Berñal) who works heavily on the NO campaign and the consequences that come along with it.

While out at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, we got the chance to speak with producer Daniel Dreifuss and actress Antonia Zegers about the moving picture and their personal connection to the grim subject matter.

“No” will be in select theaters on February 15th.

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