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BrokenToyThe most impressive feats out of San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 aren’t just about the big budget mega-films. But it is about the showcase of the micro-budget indie filmmakers.

And we’re talking about MICRO-budget.

Latino-Review exclusively interviewed “Broken Toy” star and series creator Matt Clouston with director/editor Letia Clouston.

This amazing web series have been around since 2009 and it’s costs around $100 per episode. That’s right–$100.

Here’s the synopsis of the series:

Five pilots volunteered for a program to enhance their senses, 4 died horribly, the last one is now causing chaos. Quinn is not a hero, he’s not a anti-hero, he’s merely a villain with a broken brain, unaware that “no, people cannot live without their lungs.” They have no sponsors, never run ads on youtube, and have a minimalist budget per episode, trying their best to be a prime example of what filmmakers can do on their own.

We discussed about the launch of episode 8 called “Giant Robot” at Comic-Con; working on a micro-budget; and the future of the series.

For all the episodes, please visit www.forewarnedfilms.com/Episode_1.html.

Check out our interview below.