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HIn the interest of full disclosure, the Hulk depicted in The Avengers was more than I could handle. I freaked out. I nerdgasmed. I lost my mind. As a fan of the character, who has waited since childhood to see Hulk get a proper big screen depiction, there were two moments in The Avengers where I cheered so loud in that sold out theater in Times Square that my brain shut off. I have myself a headache, and momentarily blacked out. TWICE!! 

Both moments were towards the end of the film, after fully buying into Mark Ruffalo’s great portrayal of Bruce Banner/Hulk. The first was the “I’m always angry” shot where he transforms and punches that giant…bug…thing into a crumpled mess. The next was the now-infamous “Puny God” Loki-rag doll smash. To borrow a wrestling term: I marked out. I marked out hard.

I, while definitely an extreme example, was not alone. Many fans cite Hulk as one of the best parts of that movie, and so all eyes have been on the sequel- The Avengers: Age of Ultron– to see how they’re planning to handle the MVP of the first film. In a recent chat with MTV, Ruffalo says fans have nothing to worry about. While there aren’t any current plans for a standalone The Incredible Hulk movie, he assures us that “he gets to do such great stuff” in Ultron.

On the script itself, Ruffalo echoed the recent sentiments of co-star Scarlett Johannson, and added his own two cents: “I would say that it’s better, it’s cooler, it’s more awesomer. It’s a little bit darker, but also really has Joss Whedon’s incredibly, witty and sly sense of humor.”

To see the man himself, and his lovely Infinitely PolarBear co-star Zoe Saldana, talk about Avengers and more, check out the video below: