– by Anthony Esteves

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

We open to Senator John Donovan questioning Nilaa about her involvement with the potential sleeper cell attacks. She has no idea who could be involved but swears it does not involve her. Watching from another room, Rebecca receives a call from Keith, who updates her on the loss of the list. Rebecca finishes the call, enters the room and informs them they are taking Nilaa to CTU for further interrogation. After their departure, John confides in his father Henry on how he feels about everything.

Angered over the loss of the USB drive to Bin Khalid’s terrorists, Eric Carter takes out his frustration on Ben. He pins Ben against the ambulance and puts the blame on whatever attack occurs on him, stating he will have contributed to the deaths of innocents. As they are separated, Ben swears to Carter that he can “make it right” before he is placed in the ambulance and driven back to CTU,

Nicole is under heavy watch by Aisha and one of Isaac’s men, Jerome. Aisha gets a call from Isaac’s rival Julian, the man he’s about to meet whom Aisha has aligned with to kill Isaac. As Aisha leaves the room to discuss, Nicole is able to temporarily distract Jerome and escape. After being chased on foot, Nicole sneaks up on Aisha, knocks her out, takes her firearm, forces Jerome to give up his and calls Isaac, warning him. Isaac averts the sabotage by making an ultimatum / partnership with Julian, who agrees. As sirens sound in the distance, Aisha and Jerome flee and Nicole is left standing with two guns. The cruiser pulls up and Nicole is taken into custody.

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

Rebecca and her team escort Nilaa into CTU. Keith has her placed in a holding room for further interrogation. He turns to Rebecca and requests her to join him in delivering their current status of today’s events to the Department of National Intelligence, which she does. Meanwhile, Carter calls Isaac to make sure everything is fine. Isaac confirms all is good without going into detail about the meet. As he finishes the phone call, Carter walks through the doors of CTU, thanks Rebecca and Andy for their help and then makes his way to the infirmary to meet with Ben. Ben, distraught about his actions, says he can help. He tells Carter that he believes Bin-Khalid’s men received their firearms from a man named Gabrielle. We then get a quick glimpse of the terrorists back at their headquarters, in the presence of Jadalla Bin-Khalid, scanning the USB drive. It is determined that it is partially damaged, but can be repaired.

I could not help but get nostalgic and love the moment where Carter walks into CTU. It felt like a “passing of the torch” type moment, where Carter walks into the world that had been led by Jack Bauer. A world that now awaits his leadership.

Amira has arrived at the hospital and sees Drew wheeled away into a room. She calls her contact, Khasan, and tells him what happened. He tells her that Drew must be permanently silenced, but before he can go into further detail on how, Amira is approached by Drew’s mom, who hugs and thanks her. 

At the hotel, John is approached by one of his staff who shows him video of Nilaa at the mosque protest in question. The video shows that Nilaa was, infact, arguing against the anti-American claims being made. At CTU, Carter meets with Keith and Rebecca about a plan he and Ben have come up with. The plan is to meet with this Gabrielle and offer to sell him high level secretive weapon schematics in exchange for intel, then arresting him. Keith, not trusting Ben’s information, says no to the idea. After the meeting, Rebecca meets with Carter in private and, feeling the same responsibility for the murdered Rangers as Carter, says she will get him the schematics through Andy.

Isaac exits his car and approaches the police cruiser. Turns out, the officers are on the take with Isaac and, after agreeing to “take care of the officers”, has Nicole released. He thanks her for saving him and she gets in his vehicle.

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

In the hospital, Amira lingers around a nurse’s station. When the nurse leaves, Amira steals a syringe, enters Drew’s room and calls Khasan, who tells her to pull back on the syringe plug and inject air into the IV. As she connects the syringe, she hesitates, looking at the unconscious Drew. Eventually, Drew awakens and struggles with her. When quieting down Drew does not work, she injects the air into the IV, killing Drew. Amira gathers her things and leaves the room.

At the hotel, John meets with his father Henry and presents the video of Nilaa. He also presents that his NSA contact has revealed that the ATM video of Nilaa was faked and that only three people have access to their computer accounts: John himself, Rebecca and Henry. John is now fully aware that his own father is the leak.. Henry says he did it for John to save his campaign. He explains that six weeks ago, he was contacted by Jadalla Bin-Khalid, who stated he had evidence that Henry’s company purchased off-market oil from ISIL. While it was bought without Henry’s knowledge, the evidence would have destroyed John’s campaign. Therefore, Henry gave up the names of the Rangers. John storms out of the office, confronting Luis in passing. When Henry tells Luis he admitted to John, Luis tells him to deny everything to CTU. John calls Rebecca to update her on Nilaa.

As Carter goes through his debriefing about Ben’s past, he secretly receives the weapons schematics from Andy on his phone. Seeing no way out by civil means, Carter attacks, disarms and restrains the CTU agent debriefing him. He makes his way to the server room and places a smoke bomb in it. When it goes off, the smoke causes the system to temporarily shut down, leaving CTU blind. Carter disables the two guards in front of the infirmary, gets Ben, commandeers a CTU vehicle in the parking garage and races out of CTU, going forward with the plan to get Gabrielle.

And the clock ticks down to 4:00pm…