– by Anthony Esteves

I will admit, I was not onboard with Kong: Skull Island until I finally got around to watching the 1st trailer and WOW, was I impressed. This final trailer is amazing, and it shows us quite a few treats. The biggest treat of the entire film is the perfect cast. Check it out here:

First, John C. Reilly quite possibly one of the most versatile actors ever to be born. I think Days of Thunder is the first film I saw him in, where he plays a slightly comedic, yet mixed, role. Of course, we can skip over quite a bit of movies and go to Step Brothers, but if we do we miss some of his dramatic acting like in Gangs of New York, Magolia, and possibly even in Boogie Nights (debatable role there). We recently saw him in Guardians of the Galaxy, where he has a level of dry humor, but is all around a hero and a serious guy. Judging by the trailer for Kong: Skull Island he will be playing both a “funny” and a “badarse” actor, as in one scene he is making jokes and in another quick scene he is holding a sword (which looks like an actual ninjutsu blade as opposed to a katana) like a pure killer.

Then, we have Tom Hiddleston. He has already proven himself to be a ladie’s man thanks to his role as Loki in several Marvel films, but now I believe this movie may elevate him to a Jake Gyllenhaal or Ryan Gosling level, in terms of leading man capabilities. If this film works as well as I suspect it will, expect a lot more of him in the future.

We also have an actor than can never seem to do wrong; John Goodman. Often, he will take on a sinister role, and it may sneak up on you, which is how I feel his character will be taken in this film. He is a “god” to me after watching The Big Lebowski, so he could basically just come on screen and “sit” and I would be enthralled, as long as he has a suitcase full of dirty undies.

Kong: Skull Island will also give you a good chance to take a look at Brie Larson before she will be mainly known as Captain Marvel. Her film resume is not huge, but Room was a hit, and she has a lengthy television career. She has talent, and I will be happy to see her one last time before Marvel takes her over.

Then there is Kong himself. Unless you are James Cameron, and have a gazillion dollars, this movie could not have been made 15 years ago. So it is a good thing they waited until 2017 before trying another Kong movie. Kong looks great, and while I am still waiting for a Kong vs. Godzilla movie, the Skullcrawlers in this will have to do (or will they?). Even the detail of Kong’s teeth are gritty and bare to the bone.

Does this movie look awesome? What are your opinions? Let’s hear it.

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Source: Movieclips Trailers