5 Date Night Anime With BANGIN’ OPs

5 Date Night Anime With Bangin' OPs Tonikawa OP, Bunny Girl Senpai OP, Domestic Girlfriend OP

We pick 5 Date Night Anime to check out based on their BANGIN’ OPs

It’s no secret that we LOVE Anime here at LRM Online and The GenreVerse. However, that love usually focuses on action-y Shonen series, or the latest Makoto Shinkai or Mamoru Hosoda films. How could it not, given our staff make-up and audience. Well, today we shake things up by showing our love for love! The Romance genre is getting the spotlight with our picks for 5 Date Night Anime with AMAZING opening songs and credits, other wise known as “bangnin’ OPs.”

What Is A Bangin OP? Or A Date, For That Matter…

In weeb speak, an OP is the opening (get it?) song and credits for a series. A “bangin” OP is one that rocks your world, or elicits other strong emotions whenever you hear it. It usually includes AMAZING animation, but you can forgive some mid art if the song is good enough. A good OP should make you never, EVER want to use the ‘skip intro’ button. A reference for our “live-action” loving noobs, Peacemaker on HBO Max has a bangin OP.

A date is a strange social act that pits two people against each other in a high stakes game of “don’t f*** this up.” The stakes are eternal loneliness and massive pet food bills vs. eternal happiness and moderate pet food bills. A “date night” is an even stranger act that sees established couples try and recapture the excitement of their fleeting youth.

Got all of that? Cool! In no particular order, let’s talk about some date night Anime!

TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

This series breaks so many clichés of the Anime Rom-Com. There is no question of whether the main characters will end up together as THEY GET MARRIED IN THE FIRST EPISODE! However, this is what gives the series its hook, a look at a couple learning to live together. If you’ve ever lived with a significant other then you know there are quite a few things to get adjusted to. Nasa, our groom, is an intelligent dude with a good heart and a bright future. However, that future is put in danger one night by a wild Truck-kun trying to isekai the f*** out of him. Our heroine, Tsukasa, saves him and as he confesses his love for her, she agrees to return it if he’ll marry her.

Crazy sounding, right? Well, the show is crazy adorable and will remind you of those awkward moments when you first moved in together.

The OP song, “Koi no Uta” by Yunomi (Featuring Akari Kito) is AMAZING. It blends traditional sounds and structure with modern technology and a beat drop that would make most DJs pay attention. Having the voice actress of Tsukasa, Akari Kito, doing vocals just adds another layer to an already amazing song and show.

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Let me start off by saying this is a MUST SEE whether you’re into romantic Anime or not. The first three episodes are a fully realized story arc that blends Groundhog Day and Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) together. However, once you move into the rest of the series, a bigger mystery and more tragic story is revealed. You may think you’re watching the titular Rascal, Sakuta Azusagawa, and his Bunny Girl, Mai Sakurajima navigate young love with a sci-fi twist, but you’re really watching commentary on young trauma and support systems. The main story revolves more around Sakuta’s sister and her recovery from a mysterious event that has left her… different. However, it’s Sakuta and Mai’s support of each other that makes the pain bearable. Bring the tissues if you’re a big brother.

The OP song is “Kiminosei” by The Peggies, and the animation is as beautiful as the series. The Peggies blend of J-Pop and Garage Rock gives off the same youthful energy of the series and you’ll be searching your favorite music app for more of them as soon as you finish hearing “Kiminosei.”

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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

So far we’ve had two shows focused more on young love or young couples, but what if you want a series that reflects your 20 to 30-something love life? Well, Wataku ni Koi wa Muzukashii is the story of four geeky (Otaku) friends that make up two couples in an office workplace. They work, drink, play games, drink, bicker, and drink. It’s honestly like when I was living in the barracks in Germany. Oh Army life… you crazy so-and-so. This show is for adults ready to laugh at other adults for finding it hard to be adults.

The WONDERFUL band Sumika provided their song “Fiction” for the OP and it fits perfectly. Sumika’s style is what I would call “happy music” and the animation for the OP enhances the happy feelings. The choreographed movements, the featured couples’ actions, and the bright colors make you want to watch the intro on every episode.

Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Yes, that is the title of the series. My 8yo son also asked” is that really the title” when he heard it. Don’t let the long title or mid-tier animation turn you away though. This Rom-Com Isekai is incredibly fun to watch. Leon, the male protagonist, dies after completing an Otome (Dating Simulator) game with a 100% completion rating, but is resurrected within that game’s world. Although, life won’t be so easy for this mob (background character or NPC) as this world is heavily matriarchal. A series of events sees Leon leaning on his knowledge of the game’s world to move up the social ladder, while solving the mystery of why the game’s characters are not all doing what they’re supposed to.

This is the one non-established couple Anime on the list, but rest assured that romance is at the core. It’s about being trapped in a Dating Sim…

Kashitaro Ito belts out “Silent Majority” for the show’s OP. It’s a heavy-drum driven rock song with quite the catchy chorus. Ito’s unique vocal style helps the song stand apart from other OPs and songs in the genre. Honestly, I can’t get enough of the full song… THE DRUMS, MAN!!!

Domestic Girlfriend

Okay, hear me out… This trashy Anime may be a no-chromo harem series, but it is the BEST trashy harem series featuring a NOT brother and sister relationship. Well, the best so far, but A Couple of Cuckoos may give it a run for its money. The show’s premise is simple: 17yo Natsuo has fallen for his teacher, Hina. However, being a randy teenager, he has a random hookup with the blue-haried (you know what that means) Rui. No big deal, right? Well, after said hookup, Natsuo learns his father is going to get remarried and the wife is the mom of his teacher… and the girl he just slept with. That’s right, he’s going to be in love, and lust, with his step-sisters. Mmmmm, don’t you just love the smell of trash in the morning?

As for the OP, it’s anything but trash! Minami’s vocals on “Kawaki wo Ameku” are powerful and filled with emotion. I am a sucker for husky vocals (some would reference them as “vocal fry”) and there are plenty within this OP. The piano work is super catchy too. The animation perfectly captures the feeling of this show with lots of rain and water. The characters feel like they’re drowning in their situation. Also, the use of reflections for the would be lovers of Natsuo really hits as you go through the series. Minami is another artist I have all up in my playlist.

What are some of your favorite date night Anime? Do you have any suggestions for bangin’ OPs to check out? Let us know in the comments below!

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