– by Nick Doll

4. Time Travel

Messing with time in Doctor Strange does not a time travel movie make. On the other hand, there exists a character that would make for the perfect time travel-centric Avengers film.

Of course, I’m talking about Kang the Conqueror.

For those not in the know, Kang is a scholar from the 30th century who has no superhuman abilities, but is a extraordinary genius and is well versed in the principals of time travel. Most of his technology actually comes from the 40th century, as Kang likes to get around (time).

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Imagine it, The Avengers chasing Kang through time. I’m not talking about a film that would alter the universe or show us wildly different versions of the characters we love due to time interference. In other words, I’m not suggesting Marvel do their own Flashpoint Paradox with Marvel characters. That would be so uncool, Marvel.

The current team of Avengers however, whoever they may be by Avengers 5 or so, could be involved in scenes we’ve seen previously, similar to the revelation in Back To The Future Part II that there was a second Marty McFly helping the events of the first film unfold in the 1950s. Or, Kang could be trying to erase this team of Avengers by messing with their histories. We could also avoid time periods we’ve seen before all together.

To be a true time travel film, I would like to see multiple time periods as the Avengers battle the time traveling Kang. I say, go all out to long before the MCU, like western times or even before that, or take us far into Kang’s future.

5. Film Noir

Again, It’s important to clarify again that we are only talking about the films of the MCU, not the television offerings on ABC, Hulu, or Netflix. Jessica Jones is totally noir, but what would a noir film from Marvel Studios look like in shorter form, on the big screen?

Though he has been floated as a possible character for a Netflix series of his own, I suggest using Moon Knight. Moon Knight, fairly or not, has been compared to Batman quite a lot, as both are wealthy humans that use gadgetry to fight crime, though to a much lesser extent than Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).

Moon Knight has a very particular set of skills that make him perfect for film noir. He’s a former U.S. Marine and mercenary, he is a skilled detective (like Batman… cough, cough) and often works as a detective/private investigator, he is an expert in interrogation, a master marksman, and overall weapons master.

Even with these skills and training that Moon Knight can hold over Jessica Jones, there is another way his film would be completely unique from her series; Moon Knight has developed different personas leading some to believe he has brain damage or dissociative identity disorder, though really it is a result of a fairly complicated origin.

Would you like to see any of these genres explored within the MCU? Do you have any ideas for ones I missed or didn’t include? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Moby85

    Interesting ideas and ones that are well thought out. The most appealing to me, because of its boldness, is horror. It would mean perhaps Marvel shedding it’s teen-friendly PG-13 ratings but it’s the avenue I hope for the most.

  • suckit15694

    5. Film Noir moon knight !


    Kang the Conqueror is unfortunately owned by FOX under the umbrella other Fantastic Four related characters. Good thing we got Ultron, Black Panther, Klaw and Namor under Disney/Marvel Studios, they are all essentially extensions of major FF story lines.

    • Nick

      Ah man, Fox got Kang too? Lame! I did not know that! And they got Doom and Galactus… the Fantastic Four have a great rogue’s gallery.

      Isn’t Namor Fox? I though that was the only reason Marvel hadn’t done him yet.

      • WTFITBS

        I believe Namor was Universal but now owned by Disney/Marvel Studios.

        It’s complete BS that FOX has no intent on making a decent Fantastic Four film in our lifetime but will fight tooth and nail to keep the property. I’m sure whatever Disney offers them will be much more than what any franchise they start up again earns at the box office. I don’t get whats the hold up.

        • Robobob

          I’m still hoping that we will be surprised with a Disney/Marvel Fantastic Four announcement after Avengers 3 or 4. Fox and Disney have been swapping a lot of characters lately. Like Ego/Negasonic. Upcoming movies on both studios are using Skrulls with Disney reportedly using a “lead” Skrull where the Super Skrulls reside with Fox. Fox has launched a few Marvel TV shows which were Disney’s territory.
          I think Fox wanted to see how Spider-man did in BO before fully committing. With that being a hit they must be on board. Of course everyone will lie about the deal because anything else would give it away.

          • WTFITBS

            I’m pretty sure Disney would pay a hefty fee just to acquire the filming rights back for something less than 50 actual characters. Again, a smart business move for FOX to settle on something like 2-3 billion to release these characters since any film they could conceive at this point would flop and actually count as a loss for the studio. It’s a shame because Galactus, the Watcher and Silver Surfer are all absent from next year’s big cinematic finale over petty squabbling between both parties involved.

    • Victor Roa

      this whole pissing match will end soon.

  • Victor Roa

    Made me slap my fore head “why didn’t I think of that” on Moon Knight as Film Noir. Good one.
    You know, one of the biggest flaws of Dr Strange was fast editing of the visuals. Compared to maybe original Blade Runner or the Shinning the lingering on shots do make things more surreal than just throwing something crazy as if it’s the Matrix in 1999. I’m still amazed how people obsesse over the rug on the shinning of the bear costume blowjob scene. Sure it’s over 35 years old and that air of mystery helps, but when it comes to real trippy visuals, it’s all about staring into the abyss.
    But then the simplicity of Guardians one of entering a celestial’s head to bowie music is so simple to say that also just becomes psychedelic just saying it out loud.

  • jonathing

    noh play movie shang chi … silent movie black bolt…. slapstick movie slapstick …. zombi movie fantastic four with everyone else …..animal documentary movie howard duck,,,,, sex movie howard the duck …..

  • syambo87

    They Could Make a Blade Movie with a similar beat as the Korean Movie Train to Busan… Train to Busan is a Horror Movie… but is it rated R?… things happen… people turn to Zombies.. then a rescue is needed and a suspenceful rescue at that…Man-thing could be a Horror movie

    What I’d like to see after Infinity Wars… probably in Phase 4… is like a Mockumentary… Marvel Cinematic Universe: Marvels – about a guy who works as a reporter who was there when iron man announced he was iron man… when iron man challenged the mandarin… when the events of new york and post new york and maybe events of infinity war take place…

    i think infinity wars is going to be a time travel movie…

    Black Panther was said to be a Black Bond Film so i’m just waiting to see that come to fruition..

    • Kindofabigdeal

      I think trapping Blade somewhere with a bunch of vampires and innocents could make one hell of a movie. Like Judge Dredd and The Raid, except make it something different. Hell put them on a zeppelin for all I care. Just do it.

      • syambo87

        wonder would be more interesting to have a blade origin story or just blade in a moving vehicle fighting vampires… A town is hit with vampires and they bite innocent people turning them into vampires… give him a good reason for taking the train… one of the passengers must survive… cant get airborne… army has ordered to shoot down anything that flies… i’d like to see Blade without his weapons… or separated… and working his way cabin to cabin to get to his weapons then… not like hell already broke loose but now blade can vaporize the vampires… speaking of the Raid… one of the comics for Moon Knight was like a Raid Short Story… he’s trying to save a girl who is kidnapped… goes up a building and beats like 20 people…

  • Kronx

    I think Marvel shines best when they shift genres with characters you wouldn’t exactly put in that genre in the first place.

    A spy thriller with Black Widow would be boring. We could guess 90 percent of the plot ahead of time. And she would be waaaay too good at it. It’s the same problem with putting Dr. Strange in a horror film. He’s too well equipped and deals with unknowable Cthulu gods on a regular basis.

    Horror film – Hawkeye. Take away his bow, and he’s one of the more vulnerable heroes. You can still use Dr. Strange type stuff, but make sure Dr. Strange is removed from the equation in the first act. That leaves Hawkeye with a family to protect and no knowledge of magic to use to fight whatever unspeakable evil there is.

    Spy thriller – Vision. His lack of understanding of humanity gives him a nice weakness and the opportunity for unique plot twists along the way.

    Buddy cop/bromance – Kind of a Bad Moms in Space feel with Capt. Marvel, Valkyrie, Gamora and Scarlet Witch.

    Time Travel – Spider-man

    Film Noir – Dr. Strange (or maybe Rocket Raccoon)

  • Robobob

    6) Disaster flick with a World War Hulk movie.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Don’t tease my spider senses.

  • chaburchak

    When they first announced Dr. Strange they said it would not be an origin film (!) and that it would be more horror-themed, per the director’s background. I was hoping it would be more like CONSTANTINE with Keanu Reeves, but they didn’t go that route. Too bad. Wouldn’t mind seeing a BLADE VS MORBIUS horror flick (or maybe even a team-up) or a Man-Thing movie that actually looks like Man-Thing and not that horrible Syfy Channel movie from a few years back…

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I always thought Brad Pitt looked like a young Robert Redford. He should definitely play Pierce in the 90’s.