Syfy’s Superman Prequel Casts Its Brainiac

According to Deadline, the upcoming Syfy series, Kypton, has found its Braniac in actor Blake Ritson. The new series will act as a prequel and will be set generations before the time of Kal-El, better known

Joe Johnston Says The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair Will Be His Last Film

Get ready to pour out some of your favorite hard beverage for Joe Johnston, because it sounds like the longtime director is close to hanging up his directing hat in the very near future. Speaking

Justice League: Batman Gets Awkward With Aquaman In Behind-The-Scenes Footage Poor Aquaman gets a bad rap. For the longest time, in the mainstream, he’s been touted as one of the more useless superheroes to come out of DC (though we all know that ain’t

Taika Waititi Breaks Down Scene From Thor: Ragnarok If you’ve been following all the marketing for Thor: Ragnarok in the last few weeks, you may have come across the now-famous “Get Help” scene. The scene in question is basically split into three

Arrow: Familiar Faces From Season 5 Return

All right, I will admit I overreacted last week.  Now that I have taken my chill-pill, I am ready to get after it again.  The one area I still won't concede on is that Arrow

Paramount To Partner With Hasbro To Create More Films Based On Toys

It’s no secret that Paramount and Hasbro have had a profitable partnership. Say what you will about the franchise as a whole, but most of them have been beyond profitable for both parties. Even the

Arrow Clip: Here Comes Deathstroke!

The writers on Arrow put their characters, subplots, and whatever other stuff they found laying around into a blender for Season 6... what's really surprising though, it all kind of works. The series doubled-down on

House Of Cards Producers May Kill Off Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood

Following the sexual assault and harassment allegations against Kevin Spacey, the producers of House of Cards are rushing to figure out a way for the show to live on without Frank Underwood (Spacey), the show's

5 Genres The Marvel Cinematic Universe Should Tackle Next!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as Marvel Studios’ competitors, have begun to realize the key to keeping their superhero films fresh is mixing them up with other genres. Before the MCU was more than

Aquaman: Jason Momoa Teases Huge Underwater Battle Scenes

We’re at the point now in the superhero film craze where each movie needs to bring something new to the table. No, a standard superhero movie generally won’t cut it in many cases. So many