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A Bunch Of Marvel’s Disney+ Show Rumors Surface: Did Someone Say Beta Ray Bill?

We’ve known for some time that Marvel Studios would be pushing ahead with several high budget limited 8 episode run TV shows based on some of the MCU characters. So far we have heard about Loki, Vision and Scarlet Witch, Bucky and Falcon, Lady Sif, Hawkeye and possibly even Groot and Rocket. Whilst not all of these shows are set in stone, we do know that several of these are definitely happening.

However, yesterday MCU Cosmic posted a whole load of rumors regarding several of these shows. Apparently, the details were first shared on 4Chan, which means not worth posting normally, but MCU Cosmic claim much of this information matches up with other rumors they have heard. So perhaps there is something in these after all? Either way, it’s still very early in the development cycle of these shows and as such, I’d expect a lot of early plans could be changing without our knowledge. Let’s get right down to summarising some of these for you, shall we?

Vision and Scarlet Witch

Seemingly this show is farthest into development so far and will focus on Vision and Scarlet Witch settling down in the suburbs until Wanda tries to give Vision a soul, and things do not go too well. Apparently, the current top contender for the show’s antagonist is Agatha Harkness, a powerful and old witch from the Marvel universe.


Last week there was a rumor we shared that Loki’s series would focus on the more youthful days of Loki and Thor growing up, with a different cast and the voice of Tom Hiddleston narrating only. Something that doesn’t immediately fill me with excitement, but according to MCU Cosmic this is strongly rumored to be the case. Villains are rumored to be Karnilla and Ulik, (I don’t remember either of these from the comics, I’m not going to lie.) but again things could have changed.


We’ve heard this rumor before, and it seems that a Hawkeye show would focus on Clint Barton taking on a protégé in Kate Bishop to take on a new group of villains who will possibly feature villain Trickshot. But let’s be clear from what I can gather Hawkeye still hasn’t been given the all-important green light. Though if it had recently, it may take some time before that information spread out.

Bucky and Falcon

The outlet claims this show would be something tonally more like The Winter Soldier and be a spy thriller. They claim it will tie closely into events post-Endgame with a rebuilt SHIELD. Nick Fury and Agent 13 could appear and the pair could be going up against US Agent and the group he works for.

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Lady Sif

This is a show we didn’t even know existed until very recently and it gives, for me, the most interesting set of rumors on this list. Seemingly this show would deal with the banishment of Lady Sif from Asgard some-time after the events of Thor: The Dark World. What’s most interesting is that apparently Sif would be going up against The Enchantress and to back her up she would be accompanied by none other than comic fan favorite Beta Ray Bill. If you have no idea who or what Beta Ray Bill is, he is an alien version of Thor…Kinda. He can wield Mjolnir, though in the comics Odin instead creates a weapon called Stormbreaker for him to use, but, Thor is currently trying to kill Thanos with that weapon in the MCU, so?

Round up of other rumors

Some other proposed shows were mentioned in the report also, but these were pegged as being very far out at this time. A War Machine show where Rhodey would be up against people trying to steal Stark Tech for their own uses (sounds a bit much like Homecoming for me). Also, the report says that ideas for both Moonknight and Sentry exist currently. Personally, I would have though Moonknight especially just a bit too adult for Disney + and their seemingly family targeted programming, but what do I know?

Overall I’d guess there are a few branches in here that could bear fruit and a few that have probably long been left on the idea room floor. Of course, we cannot say for certain and some of these ideas do sound pretty interesting. At the end of the day, it’s all about the story. If they can write interesting plots and character arcs for these shows then they will work. However, if Netflix’s street-level Marvel heroes are anything to go by, it’s a fine line between a critically lauded classic and a complete dud. The writing has to be good before you even take the lens off of the camera. With reported $100 Million budgets and the success of Disney + on the line, Disney cannot afford to make many mistakes with these shows.

What do you think of the rumors above for each show, do these sound right up your alley, or were you hoping for something else? Share any thoughts you have with us below as always.

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