– by Nick Doll

Westworld is the latest, great HBO show, as well as one of the most talked about shows of 2016 (perhaps behind only Stranger Things). It masterfully blended the science fiction and western genre into a creepy and very entertaining little package, completely shaking up the formula and leaving the original film it is based on in the dust. Mysteries abound, the show featured some incredible writing and acting, with Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins both at the top of their game. Have you watched it yet? If not, let me be the most recent person to pester into watching it. It really is that good. If you haven’t watched it, there be SPOILERS ahead!

Unfortunately, the wait for Season 2 will be a long one; we aren’t getting more Westworld until 2018. That hasn’t stopped co-creators/show-runners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan from offering us a taste of what to expect in the second season! The first season involved multiple timelines and the question of who in the park were actually hosts, aka the “robots” created by Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Arnold. Joy admitted to TV Insider that the show can’t continue to rely on these same devices:

“I think we’ll experiment in different point of views and different angles. You don’t necessarily want to repeat the same thing.” 

Joy went on to explain why multiple timelines was essential for telling the story they wanted in the first season:

“I think as with Season 1, any basic different timelines were rooted in what the characters were going through. At that point, it made sense to do multiple timelines, because it showed how Delores felt, and that confusion: I’m in love, but this guy is coming for me. [Only] then realize, I haven’t changed, but so much time has changed and now he’s this. The timeline thing is in service of landing that point of view for Delores.”

As to whether or not we will see more areas of the park, like how Shogun World was featured briefly in Season 1, Nolan said this:

“I think we imagined with the show, it would be a slow and steady pullout [of what’s going on]. The first season there would be a glimpse of the world, and as the seasons go on, you see a little bit more as our hosts come to understand what the real world is.” 

That’s what I would like most to see explored. What does the “real world” outside of the park look like in the 2050s? Ford mentioned that disease was cured and people were no longer going hungry, but there must me a dark side to all that. After all, “cheery” is not an adjective I would use to describe Westworld. There must be some type of dystopia going on outside the park… if the park is even on planet Earth. 

Joy also offered a tease about what songs Westworld may adapt for the player piano in Season 2. She told TV Insider they’re planning to bring “a strange shout out to a joyful song” from a children’s movie into the dark universe of Westworld. Makes me think of Ultron’s chilling rendition of “No Strings On Me” from Avengers: Age of Ultron

How excited are you for Westworld Season 2? Any fun theories you want to share? Or must I continue pestering you to watch the damn show?

Westworld returns to HBO in 2018. 

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SOURCE: TV Insider