– by Jace Milam

In this episode;

Jace is joined by Comic Geek Speak’s own Chris Eberle. Listen in as they wax rhapsodic about the incredible masterpiece that is Dreaming Eagles by Garth Ennis and Simon Coleby. Then go check out Chris and the rest of the Geeks at comicgeekspeak.com.


Dreaming Eagles Spotlight


  1. Into
    1. Chris Eberle-History with comics & podcasting
    2. What makes a good historical comic/fiction?
    3. Good War Comic
  2. Dreaming Eagles #1-6 – Writer-Garth Ennis, Artist-Simon Coleby, Colorist-John Kalisz, Cover Artist-Francesco Francavilla
    1. History of the Tuskegee Airmen
    2. Story structure-Flashback
    3. Settings – WWII vs 60’s – Both a fight for Freedom, from tyranny, one from Nazi’s, one from racism
    4. Father/son dynamic
    5. Favorite Moments
  3. The Art by Simon Coleby & John Kalisz
    1. Layouts
      1. Angles
      2. Facial expression & emotions
      3. Colors
      4. Mood
  4. Aftershock as a publisher