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Will the iconic film Titanic get a remake from Paramount?

Titanic. It was probably the first three-hour movie I watched as a kid. To me, it became the benchmark of what to expect from super-long opus. It had all the makings for a four-quadrant flick. It had action, romance, crazy visual effects, and an epic-in-feel story. The film went on to become of the highest-grossing films of all-time in theaters, breaking $2 billion, further cementing James Cameron as the king of the blockbuster. 

While every other franchise under the sun is pretty much free game for adaptation and reinterpretation, I’ve always felt that Titanic was untouchable. Even if you don’t like the film, it’s hard to argue that there would be a lot to gain from remaking it. The visual effects hold up today, the scenes are unforgettable, and its legacy cannot be denied. But if we’re to believe a new rumor, Paramount may be throwing all that to the wind.

This rumor comes from our friends over at Giant Freakin Robot, Paramount is interested in pursuing the idea. They jointly own the I.P. with Disney, as they co-produced the original Titanic with 20th Century Fox back in 1997, so they’d ideally get Disney on board too. But it doesn’t sound like they’re totally married to the idea of sticking with Disney if the House of Mouse isn’t up to it. According to the outlet’s source, if Disney isn’t interested, Paramount “may just make a different movie based on the real history of the Titanic. But they’d rather remake the James Cameron version and share the cost to make it.”

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It’s worth emphasizing that this isn’t just an instance of them wanting to tell another story on the Titanic. Their source pretty much stated that they believe an honest remake would be the best way to recoup the cost of the flick.

But is this the right move? It’s hard to say. I personally think this is a rare case where I don’t think a remake is necessary. In my opinion, nothing is sacred, so long as something new can be brought into the picture. As it stands, I don’t see anything specific that can be done today that wasn’t possible back in 1997. But I’m old. Maybe Titanic is seen as too old for younger audiences to enjoy.

As far as its credibility, Giant Freakin Robot is an outlet that only recently popped up on my radar. As such, I don’t know their track record. Additionally, this rumor has only one source to its name, so we’ll have to take with all the grains of salt. 

What do you think of this rumor? Do you buy it? If so, do you like the idea of Titanic getting remade? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Giant Freakin Robot

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