– by Campbell Clark

Reprisal is a new action film starring Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and Bruce Willis (Die Hard). The plot follows Jacob (Grillo), a bank manager who seems traumatized after being a victim of a bank robbery that resulted in the death of a co-worker. Grillo’s character then makes it his mission to find the culprit and bring him to justice aided by his neighbor an ex-cop played by Willis. The villain, however (Johnathon Schaech) is one step ahead and kidnaps the wife and daughter of Jacob. The result seems to be a bloody action-packed finale as Jacob and James rush to save Jacobs family and bring the criminal to justice.

The movie comes from Lionsgate and is directed by Brian A Miller (Officer Down) from a script by Bryce Hammons (Gray Area). Reprisal is set for release on August 31 domestically.

On the trailer alone the movie looks like it’s worth a watch on a Friday night with a few beers, whether I would watch this at theaters though, probably not. Reprisal seems like it has roots in the simple old school action movies, that admittedly I grew up on. I like Frank Grillo as an actor and Bruce Willis is rarely bad in anything, so this almost seems like John McLean coming out of retirement to help a neighbor kick some ass.

Whether the movie will turn out to be a well-made action films remains to be seen, but I could definitely see me streaming this when it comes to home release.

What do you think of the trailer for Reprisal? Share your thoughts in the comments section below as always.

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SOURCE: Lionsgate