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Adar Vs Sauron Flashback In Rings Of Power Season 2 Plus More | Barside Buzz

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 2 teaser trailer is here, so let's take a look and see what we think of it?

The latest Barside Buzz is that there will be an Adar Vs Sauron flashback in The Rings of Power Season 2, plus more rumors. The information comes from the very reliable Fellowship of Fans, as you can see below. Season 1 of the show clarified that Adar had previously killed Sauron in a different form. However, given Sauron is essentially an Angel, he simply made himself a new body (Halbrand) which is where we met him in Season 1.

Now it seems we will see this fight flashbacked, but the outlet us unsure which version of Sauron we will see in the scene. Or, they think we see more than one, might be more accurate.

It seems the only reason to show both would be if Halbrand creates the scene in Adar’s mind and then we see the form switch to Halbrand so that Adar finally understands that this is Sauron. I can imagine how it may be shot in my head, if that makes sense without me over-explaining it.

The outlet also posted an update to this original post that this all happens in one of the earlier episodes of Season 2.

Casting and Dictators

The outlet had a couple of other exclusive scoops for Season 2. First that actress Amelia Kenworthy will be playing an evil ally of Sauron’s in Season 2.

So, I am slightly worried about this one.

I’m worried due to the Shelob rumors I’ve heard, and I’m dreading the show copying the non-canon video games and making Shelob a sexy female villain, who eventually becomes a Spider. There is zero basis for this in the mythology Tolkien established. It is complete fan-fiction and in my opinion a silly piece of fan-fiction. So I hope and pray this is not the case here. Even if it works for the non-book fans, it’s not something I could accept. I’m already almost at the stage where I’m done with Rings of Power because of a few things in Season 1, but I’m not there yet. Sexy female Shelob would be that last straw for me.

I live in hope Rings of Power Season 2 will improve as much as The Wheel of Time Season 2 did. However, I also freely admit I’m more precious about the Tolkien mythology in terms of treating it as sacrosanct. That’s a me problem potentially, but just calling it how I see it.

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Lastly, we have a third rumor from FoF. This time it seems like the outlet has heard Charlie Vickers (Sauron) has been practicing giving a few dictator like speeches for scenes in Season 2.

It makes sense now for Sauron to use his Halbrand guise as King of the Southlands. His goal will be to try and get the people to follow his plans. After all, Sauron’s ultimate goal is that he believes he is best placed to decide what is best for these mortals. Therefore he seeks control and an end to conflict by the fact everyone just does what they’re told do. By of course, him, the immortal Angel who did not abandon them like the Valar did (in his mind). If he has to resort to force, he’ll do it because it’s for the best in the end. That’s the Sauron angle at this point in time, not quite what we see in the movies.

Frankly these are the kinda scenes I wanted from this show and this period of story being told. Sauron is the big draw of this Age, not Galadriel or Isildur who may be well known ‘hero’ figures.

I hope we get this, but not the sexy Shelob rubbish I dread.

What about you, share my concerns, or feel differently about a human form Shelob? What about the Adar vs Sauron flashback? Leave your thoughts below about anything related to The Rings of Power Season 2.

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