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When the first reveals of Will Smith appeared online as Genie in Aladdin, it would be fair to say there was a less than positive reaction to it online. Whilst that’s pretty common for a lot of movies these days, perhaps it was the fact that Genie had been played so memorably by the late Robin Williams in the original animated version?

LRM‘s own Gig Pata caught up with actress Naomi Scott during the recent Aladdin Press Conference and posed the question to the star who plays Princess Jasmine.

LRM: The Internet was lit on fire with the reveal of Will Smith’s genie. Do you feel any high pressure for this movie, especially since it’s going to be tracking to be one of the largest memorial day weekend movies here in the United States?

Naomi Scott: When you put it like that. It’s funny you say that. I could feel many sorts of things as the film is about to be out. At the end of the day, I’m excited for people to see it. This is a movie that something we believe in. Even as an actor, we put everything on the table. Everything has come together. Just watch the movie and you’ll feel everything is amazing. It’s so magical. I’m just excited. Will Smith is very good in this movie. When you think of [the Genie], you’ll think that what Robin Williams did is so incredible that he brought his personality. That’s exactly what Will did. He’s bringing the magic of Will Smith to the character. No one else can play this Genie except for him.

At the end of the day, people have a lot of pre-conceived ideas about movie roles before they even see the movie. You just have to look at the recent backlash to the ‘proposed’ Batman casting of Robert Pattinson as evidence, and that’s not even locked down. I certainly won’t be judging Smith’s take on Genie until I have seen the movie. Though if you want the take of someone who has seen the movie, check out our review from Fox Troilo in the related section below.

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It just seems that right now fans are reacting badly to new movies before they have ever seen any real footage of the movie. I guess audiences will judge how well Smith pulled off the character as they start to react to screenings over the next few weeks. But let’s at least wait for the genuine takes on the movie before we call for the pitchforks?

Have you seen Aladdin yet, do you plan to, and what do you think of Smith’s take on Genie? Rub your magic lamp and see what it conjures up in the usual spot below.

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