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In the age of shared universes, it’s important to lock down your talent as soon as possible. While it was quite the risk for the actors back in the late-2000s, the process of signing on for multi-picture deals has since common practice in the industry. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find any kind of big overarching story without actors signed on for at least three films.

Of course, these deals don’t guarantee a return — or even a sequel — as they are more of a way for a studio to be ready to capitalize on success. It’s important to know that going into this next piece of news regarding actor Alden Ehrenreich. The young thespian will be having his biggest movie yet hit theaters on May 25 in the form of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but it sounds like the studio may actually be ready to capitalize on its success.

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Speaking with Esquire, when asked about how many films, he’s signed on for, he says, “Three.” Ehrenreich reportedly flinched upon saying that, continuing, “I don’t know if that’s officially, uh, public. But—yeah.”

So what does this mean? As indicated above, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Disney and Lucasfilm have any plans for the Star Wars franchise going forward, but rather an indication that, should the film actually work, that they’re able to sequelize if necessary. Additionally, it gives them flexibility if, in a future anthology film, they want to utilize Ehrenreich’s take on Han for another separate film.

While everyone is kind of iffy on the film at present (though I personally I’m starting to like what I see as each day goes by), it’s a smart move from Lucasfilm that will ensure continuity, no matter what happens.

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SOURCE: Esquire

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