– by Joseph Jammer Medina

So it looks like Noomi Rapace will be heading back to the world of ALIEN after all — at least that’s what the rumor is coming from Deadline. 

According to the outlet’s sources, Rapace is in Australia to shoot “weeks worth of scenes” for ALIEN: COVENANT, the sequel to 2012’s PROMETHEUS and prequel to the original ALIEN film from 1979. She, of course, would be reprising her role as Elizabeth Shaw, the sole human survivor of the incident on the strange planet with the Engineers.

Rapace’s status in the film has been questionable at best ever since it was announced that ALIEN: COVENANT would actually be more of a prequel to ALIEN than a sequel to PROMETHEUS. Director Ridley Scott mentioned early on that she would only have a small role in the picture, but some time later stated she wasn’t coming back at all in the film, which was strange.

Should this new rumor from Deadline be true, however, not only will Rapace be coming back, but she’ll be having a semi-sizable role, if that shooting schedule is any indication. One can expect her character’s fate may not be too pleasant if she’s only needed for part of the shoot.

My personal hope that this is true. Rapace’s character went through a whole lot in PROMETHEUS. She was a character who fought for her survival, and to have her killed offscreen á la Newt and Hicks in ALIEN 3 would be a frustrating experience indeed. Should she meet her end in the film, I’d very much appreciate if Ridley give her a proper sendoff. Though, this brings into question what her role in the film will be. When last we saw her, she had flown off into outer space with David’s severed head — off to find the Engineers’ homeland, to discover why they wanted to destroy humanity.

My natural inclination is to believe she won’t make it too far into her journey, and while that certainly takes the wind out of my sails for her character, that’s all pure assumption. We’ll have to wait until ALIEN: COVENANT’s release to truly judge what they do.

What do you think Elizabeth Shaw will bring to the table in the upcoming film? Will this be the one where she bites the dust, or do you think the story just shifts focus? Let us know all your thoughts down below!

ALIEN: COVENANT hits theaters on August 4, 2017.

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SOURCE: Deadline

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