– by Campbell Clark

The Alien franchise doesn’t appear to be in a good place right now. Ridley Scott’s recent attempt to re-launch the franchise in a different way in movie theaters has been met with a relatively cold response by fans. Neither Prometheus nor Alien: Covenant were particularly loved by critics or fans alike and as such, any further plans to finish off the trilogy seem to be on hold right now.

How Alien will be treated once Disney takes control of Fox (as expected) this year is anyone’s guess. One thing for sure is that Alien is not the kind of movie Disney are used to making. The movie that fans seem to want to see, was the proposed sequel to Aliens that Neil Blomkamp was developing for a while, this sequel would have seemingly ignored Alien 3 and 4 and given fans a direct sequel to the classic Jim Cameron movie. This, of course, seems dead in the water as the studio instead decided to go with Ridley Scott’s prequels instead. In my opinion, this was a wrong call on Fox’s part, but then we have very little in terms of details to make that call on, unlike the studio.

So who knows where things will go in terms of the movies, but there are definitely other plans in place for the Alien Franchise. There is a rumored TV series in the works, though we have zero confirmation of this and no detail as to what it would involve. There is also a comic book coming out this year which will star Amanda Ripley, daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley character.

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Now before you ask why there would be such a thing, I have to remind those that might not have played it about the most critically praised piece of entertainment to come out of this franchise in quite some time. That being the video game Alien: Isolation.

Alien: Isolation is quite frankly a masterpiece of gaming, it may well have the best art design, atmosphere, tension and score of any video game I’ve EVER played. And even at that, I have to be honest and say I never finished the game, because it was literally such a tension-filled experience I couldn’t relax while I played it. The game didn’t do as well financially as I’m sure the developers had hoped, despite winning several awards and being critically lauded. The game revolves around the period between Alien and Aliens when an adult Amanda Ripley is searching for news about her mother and the disappearance of the Nostromo from the first movie.

Now we have a series of Instagram posts which you can check out below, and given the hash tags used it seems that Amanda Ripley is somehow involved. Check them out.

Now, many sites have started speculating that this could be for the TV series, or it could be from a new video game that acts as a sequel to Alien: Isolation. However, I think the more logical explanation is simply that these Instagram posts are working up some hype for the upcoming comic book series, which we already know will star Amanda Ripley. I’d love to be wrong, I’d love to tell you that a new movie was coming, or even a new video game, but I just can’t see it.

As I said previously the Alien: Isolation game did not do very well sales-wise, despite its quality and praise and I can see why. It’s not as I said, relaxing wind down gaming after a hard day at work. It’s a pilgrimage of tension that you better be ready for before you start the game. Alas, it just didn’t find an audience among the more casual gaming crowd. Though one small hope is that Fox has seemingly trademarked the name Alien: Blackout for something related to video games?

So while I’d love to be wrong, I have to guess that this is all promotional material for the new comic books I’m afraid. But if anyone can put a spanner into my theory I’d genuinely love to be proved wrong?

What do you think of the posts, am I right or is something even bigger going to happen in 2019? Take off and nuke the comments site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

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SOURCE: Alien (via Instagram)