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As yet, we still know very little about what is planned for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV show. The streaming and shopping giant has spent an absolute fortune acquiring the rights to make a show from the Second Age history of Tolkien’s created universe. All we know so far, is that a few actors have been cast in unknown roles and that this will follow the story of Tolkien’s Second Age, an Age that lasts many thousands of years. It predominantly deals with the land of Numenor, a gift to loyal Men of the First Age who helped the Elves defeat the Dark Lord Morgoth. Meanwhile, Sauron, Morgoth’s old second in command has a plot of his own, to make Rings of Power to dominate the peoples of Middle-Earth.

The story is large enough and spread across such a long period that we really have little idea about where they will start the events of Season 1. The point is though, that there is plenty of content here to spread across several season, and you better believe with the amount of money amazon spent, they are going to want this to run for quite some time.

It is therefore unsurprising to find out through Deadline that the show has already been renewed for Season 2, before filming even begins on Season 1. This is not normally how things are done in the streaming world, but then how often do we get an IP as massive as this appearing? No one has ever been allowed to create stories based on Tolkien’s Second Age before now, so it is clear the world is watching to see what can be done from a period no one ever thought they’d see on screen. It is even possible that Amazon might decide to film Season 1 and 2 back to back to save some time and money?

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Amazon is looking to be the home of high fantasy, as their other big IP being adapted to series is that of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time books. Before the announcement from Amazon, I had never read these books, whereas I have always been a fan of Tolkien’s works. I am looking to change this though and I am currently around two-thirds of the way through the third book in The Wheel of Time series, of which there is 14 books, so it’s going to take a little time.

Which fantasy shows are you most looking forward to seeing appearing on TV, Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, The Witcher, House of the Dragon, or one of the others I have not mentioned here? Share your thoughts below in the usual place.

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SOURCE: Deadline